State Dept Sued For Emails On Defying of Constitution To Ram Thru Paris Climate Deal

State Dept is again forcing a watchdog agency to sue so that the American people can see what is rightfully ours to see and learn what they’ve been up to, banana republic style…

obama climate hoax circumvent senate treaty

Another watchdog agency is being forced by the crooked United States government sue in order for us to find out what they’re up to, this time at the State Department. It’s common in authoritarian systems for the truth to be hidden from the people, but something relatively new for those of us who naively thought the government served the people and the we held the reins of power.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is suing the State Department of illegally withholding documents related to the fake and deceptive UN global welfare and wealth redistribution mechanism, the Paris Climate accord.

They are challenging the propriety and legality of the Obama regime decision, which is, like so many others, still inexplicably being enforced,  to keep information regarding the Paris climate agreement away from the eyes of a prying Congress.

CEI filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in October requesting the emails between two officials in the Obama State Department and a lawyer for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, chaired by crooked Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. Senator Corker’s role in the subversion of the Constitution may be of particular interest to President Trump. As always seems to be the case, the government agencies are refusing to comply voluntarily, banana republic style.

CEI filed their lawsuit on Monday. CEI Fellow Chris Horner released a statement saying, “As the Senate and now two administrations continue to remain silent about how our treaty process was ignored in order to claim the U.S. was a party to the Paris climate treaty, CEI continues to seek relevant information to learn how this came about,”

Horner joins with the many patriots who have read the agreement and know what it is and is not, saying, the Paris accord subverts the U.S. Constitution. He said, “The Trump administration should carefully examine what led to our signing of the agreement without seeking Senate advice and consent, and what steps should be taken next given what their own records show.” 

Horner is probably just being diplomatic because it’s expected and proper, but a study isn’t needed nearly as much as multiple grand juries. The reason it happened is because we had criminals in high places who represent a variety of interests, personal and otherwise, that are contrary to what is best for the United States. We had crooks and traitors who were raping and destroying us in charge of our nation.

The Obama regime gave itself the power of unilateral self ratification by the corrupt pretend ‘president,’ which he exercised in concert with Xi Jinping and Ban Ki-moon in China. It was never submitted to Congress because it wouldn’t pass so they simply declared it ratified and dared the corrupt and cowardly Congress to challenge them. They labeled it an “executive agreement,” not a treaty, as if changing the label somehow exempted them from the requirements of the Constitution.

Horner said, “Critically, the new administration should allow the public to see this information, no longer abetting the Obama administration’s many FOIA stonewalls.” Get in line on that one, Mr. Horner, as the Trump administration, particularly the Justice and State Departments, have been virtually indistinguishable from the Obama versions in their obstructionism and cover up of official misdeeds.

They have identified the two State Department officials who are believed to have crafted the mechanism used for circumventing the Senate as Trigg Talley and Alexandra Costello.


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