State Democrats Unite In Effort To Permit Foreign Law Inside USA – Yeah, That Foreign Law

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Montana Democrats aren’t much different from Democrats everywhere else. If something is good for America, our security, culture or in keeping with our heritage and Constitution, they’re against it, and vice versa. Their opposition to Senate Bill 97, which would ban the use of foreign law in state courts was opposed by the Marxist enemies within on familiar grounds, that it would discriminate against Muslims.

Once again, if they are the greatest threat or practitioner of something that is un-American or dangerous, it’s not discriminatory for them to be most impacted by corrective measures, it’s basic math.

Senate Bill 97 was introduced by Keith Regier (R-Kalispell), which bans the use of a foreign law in Montana’s courts. Since Muslims are again, the primary offenders seeing themselves and their law as being above our laws, Sharia Law was at the center of the debate.

The bill passed along party lines, with Republicans voting 56 in favor and Democrats voting 44 in opposition.

Speaking for the invasion tolerant anti-American Dems, Rep Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula said, “I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different. I truly believe this law is repugnant. I believe this is not who we are as Montanans.”

“Just merely on the fact that you may be different” – what? That’s not even a complete thought and it’s an even dumber suggestion that laws are portable. An American woman visiting Saudi Arabia would not be found walking down the street in shorts drinking a beer, despite her being able to do so in her homeland and she couldn’t demand that she be allowed to drive herself home unescorted and uncovered from a night out clubbing. There’s a reason why it’s called “the law of the land.”

Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula, the bill’s sponsor in the House, said the legislation isn’t intended to target a specific group and instead protects freedom of religion. “As far as being determined xenophobic, that’s an insult,” Tschida said. “I’m not intolerant. This is not anti-Muslim.” It’s anti-usurpation; if the show fits, wear it.

Theresa Manzella, R-Hamilton, said the discussion of the bill being a religious law was unwarranted. She said, “We’ve heard a lot of discussions about this being a religious law and specifically directed at preventing Sharia Law and I just don’t read it that way.” Again, even if it were, Sharia intends to displace our Constitution, so it would be perfectly acceptable and just to outlaw it. That’s what they should be doing and proudly, in support of our nation.

Sandy Montgomery, from the Flathead, said the bill was long overdue and displayed her awareness of what’s really going on, saying, “We have allowed legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and now refugees to take advantage of our law and culture to take up their own agendas. They have no intention to abide by our laws, nor are they interested in assimilating to our culture.”

Missoula Democrat, Rep Ellie Smith, proposed an amendment to the bill to include specifically both a ban on Sharia Law and the Law of Moses, “to show the state of Montana that it is not just about Islamic Law.” Odds are the citizens of the state aren’t as dense as their Democrat representatives, Ellie and don’t need your crayon-written nonsense. She maintained, “The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment,” Smith said, claiming that it was “peppered with anti-Muslim bigotry.”

America first and the citizens of Montana and the US won the day, but may not ultimately prevail. The bill is headed to the desk of the Democrat Governor, who may agree with Democrat legislators that whipping women in the public square for not being properly covered or accompanied and honor killings are appropriate for his state.

Things were so much simpler in America before the communists, fascists and Islamists got serious about the takeover.


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