Standing Up To Social Media Bullying Of Conservatives – A Chance To Be Heard

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A posting to the White House Petition webpage may prove to be of particular interest to the millions of conservative users who have been abused by the overbearing, overreaching leftist intolerance and discrimination regularly practiced by Facebook against their customers.

The company, which is a monopoly, with there presently being no option of any significance to their status as the global social network should be required to treat their customers equally without regard to any factors, be they physical characteristics or, as is the case with their commonplace, most egregious offenses, a different political outlook, one that is contrary to the exploitative and anti-American labor practices of the information juggernaut.

The business should, in the opinion of this writer and others, broken up due to anti-trust violations. They are in essence a public utility in function, making different requirements of different classes of people, discriminating upon the services that will be available and to what degree based upon their political beliefs.

The argument that they are a private company and therefore free to violate the Constitution doesn’t apply when they are the primary source of communication for potentially billions of people around the globe, particularly the millions in the United States.

I and many others are presently being retaliated against by Facebook for having pro-American values and daring to express them to others. Many groups and pages larger than mine are also being silenced or minimized for not being liberals or having a different perspective on things. If Zuckerberg wants to operate his company like a mom and pop shop, I say let him. Give him the mom and pop size and revenues to go right along with it and cut the boy loose.

If he wants to operate it as it is, he’s got some growing up to do, part of which is learning that his rights under the Constitution don’t include allowing him to trample on the rights of others. He’s supposed to be a smart guy, it’s amazing he hasn’t figured that out on his own. Maybe this petition by J.N. created on February 10th will persuade Congress to provide Mark Zuckerberg with the education he needs. It reads:


Facebook has a long history of violating the free speech of conservatives, putting them in “Facebook Jail” for the smallest of perceived violations, while leftists are allowed free reign to post anything they wish, including threats of assassination of political figures, police, murder of conservative, pornography, graphic depictions of violence, and they regularly discriminate against Christians, yet not those of other belief systems.

We the People ask for a House Committee to investigate these violations and apply necessary sanctions or fines upon Facebook to ensure free speech for all, not just Mark Zuckerberg’s minions. We the People ask for a House Committee to investigate these violations and apply necessary sanctions or fines upon Facebook to ensure free speech for all, not just Mark Zuckerberg’s minions.

They’ve got until March 12th to reach 100,000 – please sign the petition yourself and most importantly, share it around – this abuse has gone on for far too long.

Thank you for reading and sharing my work – Facebook is trying to starve us out of existence, having cut literally 98% of our traffic over the last year. Your shares are crucial for our survival, and we thank you. We’ve also created a presence on and, although their reach is presently much smaller, the continued abuse by Facebook of conservative voices leaves us no option. We’re remaining on Facebook for the time being, as we make the transition. Please take a look when you have a chance or if we “suddenly disappear” from Facebook as has happened to many other truth-tellers. They’ll either starve us out or take us down, one way or another,  sooner or later. Now and in the future, please look for me, Rick Wells, at , ,  and on my website http://RickWells.US  – Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at RickWells.US – not dot com.  I’m also at Stop The Takeover, and please follow me on Twitter @RickRWells.

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