Spy Cameras Inside Public Toilets – Officials Run, Security Guard Turns Back, Makes Threats

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The focus of the video report is the California big brother government installing cameras inside the restrooms and changing facilities of a public building, in such a manner that they would be able to spy on Americans and without any notice to the public.

Sanbag is the San Bernardino Associated Governments, a group of local governments joined together, often acting outside of public scrutiny, with their offices inside the newly renovated Santa Fe Depot. Part of that ongoing renovation was the recent installation of surveillance cameras inside the women and men’s changing room and toilet.

When one enters the outer changing room, say, for example a tired traveler wanting to freshen up or change clothes, the camera is likely to not even noticed as it is on the wall behind them. There is a partition around the door to the ladies’ toilet but, as the woman in the video points out, it’s low enough that it doesn’t obstruct the view into the toilet area by big brother’s surveillance cameras.

Who’s on the other end watching? Maybe they identify as a woman, at least while they’re monitoring, so what’s the big deal? It’s California, the land of perversion, after all. If normal folks don’t like it, let them move to Utah.

The woman in the video states that she actually closed the door to the restroom to prevent the perverts at Sanbag, including the executive director, Ray Wolfe, from listening in as they relieved themselves. Wolfe happened to be in the outer area as she was talking, so she went out and asked him about it. He, of course, denied any knowledge and then ran like a rat for the hills.

The woman making the video checked the men’s restroom and found it was also under surveillance. She asks Wolfe why he’s spying on people in the restroom. Rather than respond he told her that it’s not a public meeting environment so she’d have to stop documenting what is going on.

She goes on to record the view from inside the toilet facilities, showing a clear line of sight for the camera over the “feel good” partition that does nothing but present the illusion of privacy. The videographer says, “My point with all of this is, people come off the bus and the train, and they put their luggage right there and they change, so they have, they deserve some expectation of privacy. So that camera is completely inappropriate.”

After getting info on one of the cameras, she exits and is told by the guard not to video tape in the building. She replies, “Are you seriously telling me not to film right now? When you guys are filming in the bathroom?” She then goes on to make the next few minutes of that guard’s life quite uncomfortable and rather than avoiding being on camera as he had hoped to do, he’s found his way to notoriety on the internet.

Is time monitoring the bathroom cam one of the perks of the job? Does he not want to be seen for fear he’ll be exposed as just another Sanbag scumbag pervert? They’re denying everything, acting guilty, as if they have something to hide. The security guard really doesn’t want his face recorded. Does he have a problem with outstanding warrants, debts, gang membership or some other reason he finds the attention to be disconcerting?

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2 Comments on Spy Cameras Inside Public Toilets – Officials Run, Security Guard Turns Back, Makes Threats

  1. well.

  2. Good for this woman. This should also be done every time the left pushes one of their protests. Of course she would need security for her safety.

    I can just hear the government now, we need this to insure that terrorist white supremacists don’t try to blow up public places. I’ll have to admit, we are way beyond needing to refresh the tree of liberty.

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