Spicer Spinning Continuation Of Repairs Begun Under Obama As Trump Border Wall

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The reporter, “Charlie,” quotes President Trump from a January interview for his question, in which he derided the “little toy walls” in use on the southern border, paraphrasing his comments further by saying, “I don’t know why they’re even wasting their time.” He asks, “Why is the government focused so much on existing border security measures rather than fighting for the wall that he promised in this bill?”

Spicer thanks Charlie for the opportunity to show the slides and make his sales presentation, one which appears intended to convince those who had hoped for the promised construction of a border wall that that’s what they’re getting with the Democrat / Ryan spending surrender.

Spicer points to slides of dilapidated fencing, saying “this is the kind of barrier that exists throughout our country.” The truth is that there are many different kinds of barriers, some like those, some better, some worse and many areas where there is no physical barrier at all. Of the areas where fencing exists, a GAO report showed over 9,000 breached locations. There are levies which are themselves breaches, four strand barbed wire fences which are breaches, and areas with nothing, a breach which are not included in those figures.

Spicer is excited that 40 miles of fencing is getting repaired or replaced, though it’s insignificant in the context of the overall problem. It’s something to keep us quiet, to shut us up about the wall not being built, just like enforcement crackdown on gang members is intended to shut us up about the other illegals who are being allowed to stay. We’re also distracted away from the employers hiring them with talk of various visas, H-1B and H-2B, which are abused, but virtually no employers are fined or imprisoned as the law requires.

Spicer says this is a down payment on the 2018 budget that is going to start October 1st. He’s characterizing it as a bonus that the administration shouldn’t have even had a shot at yet we were told the wall construction would be starting soon in the lead up to the inauguration and in the first days of the administration. If they knew that issue wasn’t in question or if the funding wasn’t in the budget, why tell us that? It seems they hoped that the funding would be there, but treasonous Republicans have joined with the Democrats to make that not the case. What’s to make us believe that anything will be different in October?

Charlie summarizes Spicer’s comments saying, “So you’re basically just telling the President’s supporters to be satisfied with this existing “tough guy” fencing until he’s ready to build the wall.” Spicer responds, “No, what I’m telling anybody is that the President said he was going to build the wall and he’s doing it.” Of course – those repairs began before Trump took office under Bush and perhaps even before. Much of the steel has been on the ground since 2007, though even Obama did some substandard repairs. But if that money was just appropriated, how did they get pictures of ongoing work and if they’re just representative of the type of work, why say it’s being done now in Naco, when it isn’t? And why depict repairs and maintenance as construction, they’re either one or the other.

The Democrats will only be emboldened and with the next election 5 months closer, it will be less likely that the wall will ever get built. Forty miles of bollard wall is nice but it’s not what we were promised. Neither are the continuing operation of DACA or the Middle Eastern “refugee” infiltration throughout America or the resettlement of Central Americans throughout the United States as “refugees.” Trump’s keeping some promises but these are important ones that are not being kept. That needs to change and could be changed in a matter of hours, with just a phone call, by his order.

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4 Comments on Spicer Spinning Continuation Of Repairs Begun Under Obama As Trump Border Wall

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // May 4, 2017 at 6:44 pm // Reply

    So is Pence, can’t stand either of them. THIS ROTTEN BILL NEEDED VETOING

  2. Spicer is working very hard to keep us ignorant.

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // May 4, 2017 at 8:18 am // Reply

    No kidding,…Rick do you remember me telling you I wasn’t fond of Spicer? Well, here’s another reason why…and these dolts think we can’t see through this political claptrap.

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