Spicer Shuts Down Reporter Trying To Trap Trump On Transgender Restrooms

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For White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer every day is a day filled with gotcha questions, and booby traps. This attempt by Kristen Welker was intended to make the President look like he hates children and homosexuals, and gender-confused children most of all. He smelled it coming from a mile away.

Welker said, “82% of transgender children report feeling unsafe at school,” as if letting them shower or use the facilities of the opposite sex is going to suddenly make that all go away. It’s probably the kind of thing that would make bullying increase. It’s easy to imagine the boyfriend of a girl forced to expose herself to boy pretending to be a girl having feeling a need to take corrective action on his own. They’d be much safer using their biologically correct facility or a private one.

That’s not her purpose, though, it’s to attack President Trump. She asks her totally irrelevant question, “Isn’t the President leaving some of these children open to, vulnerable to being bullied at school?”  Spicer replies, “No, I mean there are bullying laws and policies in place in almost every one of these schools.”

Welker argues that the sexually confused children “say that their experience is not being able to use the bathroom that they feel comfortable using because they are vulnerable to this bullying.” Right, forget about the thirty other kids that might be in there at the same time who aren’t going to be comfortable, in America the majority now have to coddle to the whims of the demanding minorities. Not any more, lady, not with Donald Trump in office.

Spicer tells her she’s missing the point, anyway, “The President said literally it should be a state decision. He respects the decisions of the states.” He adds, “You’re trying to make an issue out of something that doesn’t exist. It was the Court who stopped this in August of last year. So where were the questions last year in August about this? It wasn’t implemented correctly, legally, and the procedure wasn’t followed, because the court found at the time that it didn’t have the authority to do that.”

Spicer says, “So you’re asking us why we’re following the law that wasn’t followed.” That’s a common situation for the Trump administration. They followed lawless miscreants into office in every area who were not obeying the law and had taken matters into their own hands.

She attempts to characterize the actions of the Trump administration as a reversal, but Spicer has the facts to back it up, pointing out that it had already been stopped by the Court. “We’re basically saying it’s a state’s rights issue,” Spicer tells her, noting that Trump had previously actually adopted a liberal, use the restroom you prefer policy at one of his own properties.

He adds, “For you to turn around and say ‘what message is the President saying,’ where was the message when he sent it last year?” Obama jumped the gun to get his homosexual agenda item passed prior to the election and he was shut down. Now it’s going back to the states. It’s only difficult to understand if you’re trying to distort reality and the truth to fit the liberal establishment agenda and playing a losing game of “Gotcha.”

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