Spicer, Others Waste A Day In PR Event Aimed At Deep State Families

sean spicer reading easter


Whoever started the whole public relations event at the White House, the annual Easter egg roll and the obligatory book readings by various members of the particular administrations in office at the time, really did a disservice to the nation and a lot of public servants. For some reason, Easter and the Saturday before have become a time of being used as a PR prop for public officials. They would surely rather spend the day with their families or even working than being paraded around like shampooed pooches at the American Kennel Club, vying for best reader in show honors.

It’s obvious they’re doing what they’ve been told or asked to do, perhaps volunteered, under duress or otherwise, but is anyone other than the DC insiders who come to what amounts to a glorified company picnic really impressed by this? 

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with being nice to kids, and truly celebrating Easter is a great thing, but it’s not our government’s function and it’s not what these people are paid to do. “Go out there and sell the public on the idea that you’re a nice guy” is not the most important thing on any of their “to do lists.” It’s not even close.

If the cabinet secretaries don’t have anything pressing that needs to be done then they’re probably not involved enough in their departments. They have real work that is waiting, busy work is a waste of time and catering to the kids of DC insiders is busy work. The officials spend all week kissing the public’s collective butt, at least give em a day or two to get the taste out of their mouths.

Every year the current administration is trapped by the actions of their predecessors, shamed into continuing the “tradition.” Anyone, including a president, who might choose to discontinue such unproductive expenditures of their people’s time is trapped by a reality of being battered in the press, particularly in this administration. The book readings are a farce; most of those kids couldn’t care less about the stories anyway. It’s for the benefit of the parents, including the many within the deep state.

With some notable exceptions, the members of the administration who could benefit most from an improved public perception were those involved in the “festivities.” Kellyanne Conway, recovering from her many media-exaggerated gaffes and perhaps owing a debt for her husband being considered to head the DOJ’s civil division was a reader.

Dr. Ben Carson was there probably because, as a pediatric neurosurgeon, he genuinely likes reading to kids. Education Secretary Betsy Devos could use a little help in the image department after being attacked viciously by the leftists, so she takes a turn. She’s got to prove to the Democrats and other haters that she likes kids, as a validation of her suitability for the position that, like President Trump, they’ll never accept she holds.

Melania and President Trump fulfill their customary duties, as if the President of the United States has nothing better to do with his time than to mimic Wink Martindale hosting egg games. Press Secretary Sean Spicer paid for his recent misstatement contrasting Hitler and Assad on the use of chemical weapons as part of his image rehab. He read to his Mini-Me, a miniature version of himself, who oddly also called on members of the audience at the end and similarly has sock issues.

While the important people were expected to donate their time, the security, which was substantial, was on the clock, likely earning double pay or better for working on a holiday and a weekend. At the risk of sounding Grinch-like, is this really the best way for these people to spend their time? 

The one worthwhile component of the event was the fact that it was an acknowledgment of the Easter holiday and its true Christian nature after years of bunnies and eggs in the Ramadan oriented Obama White House. Kellyane Conway read “God Gave Us Easter.” Has the left attacker her yet for that choice?


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