Spicer Knocks Chips Off Shoulders Of Entitled Identity Propagandist In Press Briefing

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Racist April Ryan, whose only purpose in pretending to be a news person is to promote blackness or brownness, which she also defines as diminishing President Trump, engages with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He long ago had enough of her, about the time she allowed herself to be portrayed as a victim when President Trump suggested she handle the arrangements if she wanted to put together a meeting between the President and the Racist Black Caucus in his February 17th press conference.

With her every question is about racism, sexism or some other terrible imaginary transgression committed by the President against a favored group that is somehow entitled to more protection and more rights than the cracker boy offenders. Any seat near Ryan is considered a bad seat in the briefing room, both because of the close proximity to the third class reporter and fourth class American, as well as the risk of personal injury from being hit by a falling shoulder chip.

As Spicer looks at her with a “What is this idiot raving about” look on his face, Ryan premises her question on “all of these investigations,” asking how the Trump administration revamps its image. She says “You’ve got this Yates story today, you’ve got other things going on, you’ve got Russia, you’ve got wiretapping…” Spicer corrects her and cuts her off there, saying, “No, we don’t have that.”

He continues, “I’ve said it from the day that I got here until whatever, that there is no connection. You’ve got Russia. If the President puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russian connection. But every single person…”  After she interrupts, Spicer says, “I appreciate your agenda here, but the reality is, no, no, hold on. At some point report the facts. The facts are that every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion, Republican, Democrat.”

Spicer says, “So I’m sorry that that disgusts you, you’re shaking your head, I appreciate it but understand this. But at some point the facts are what they are and every single person who has been briefed on this situation, with respect to the situation with Russia, Republican, Democrat, Obama appointee, career, have all come to the same conclusion. At some point, April, you’re going to have to take no for an answer with respect to whether or not there was collusion.”

She’s hard-headed, and Spicer didn’t get through to her, she needs a little more convincing. She asks “But how do you change the perception of…?” The answer is it’s your perception, Ryan, and that of your fellow propagandists. When you report lies and then claim that lie to be a perception, there’s really not much, aside from excluding you from the press briefings that can be done to change the narrative.

Fix it yourself Ryan, or just keep reporting fake news propaganda. It’s beyond Sean Spicer or Donald Trump’s control.

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  1. April Ryan is just another in a long line of indoctrinated ideological leftists who will not except truth for an answer. (It doesn’t fit their agenda of Trump hatred and racial victimhood.)

    The Liberal seeks to criminalize any speech that promotes morality or individualism as “hate speech.” Thus we see Liberal judges and Liberal courts outlawing the Bible and gutting the free speech provisions of the First Amendment to our Constitution. Liberal judges are now declaring that the Bible’s proscriptions against homosexuality are illegal “hate speech;” and scripture is now in the process of being outlawed from any appearance in public discourse or the public square. If one speaks in favor of individualis, and against affirmative action in a public forum at work, Liberal judges and Liberal courts are now saying that such speech amounts to intimidation of minorities…and is prohibited by law. But it’s really PC run amok!

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