Spicer Fed Up With Press Focused On Anti-Trump Fluff Rather Than Substance

sean spicer


The dishonest NBC propagandist attempts to play the typical gotcha game with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, not in the room for any other reason than to attempt to trap Spicer into saying something the pack of dogs can use in their daily smear efforts. He and the rest of them are at the mainstream media equivalent of an ammunition depot.

Peter, the NBC propagandist posing the question/allegations depicts Chairman Nunes as having expressed regret for taking his information to before the Democrats. Clearly he was saying what he needed to say to shut the whiny Democrats’ calls for an outside investigation and to relieve him of his position and responsibilities. Nunes is too close to exposing the truth, ending their reign of obstruction and terror and putting a lot of them in jail for them to let him continue.

He asks, “Why was it appropriate, why does the White House believe it was appropriate for Chairman Nunes to come and give this information to the President regarding an investigation about the President’s own associates during the campaign? If the NBC numbskull would have been paying attention, he would have learned that the offenses that Nunes spoke of occurred primarily during the months between the election and the inauguration. Since he just stated the other investigation into nothing, the Russia-Trump Snipe Hunt, is looking into events that either did or did not take place during the campaign, he has effectively answered his own question. They’re different situations and, lacking knowledge of the particulars, we don’t yet know how much of a difference there is.

Spicer gets into the issue of the hand-wringing propaganda corps and their efforts to make turn the discussion into one in which they can vilify the Republican for reporting the offenses, rather than focusing on the revelations that the offices, by Democrats, took place. Aren’t they supposed to be an objective press or are they merely an arm of the establishment and Democrat machinery, now fully out of the closet?

Spicer’s job is to humor the faux press to a degree, which he does, pointing out, “There is a big difference between any discussion about what’s going on in Russia and why this intelligence was picked up. His comments yesterday were very clear. The intelligence and the information that he picked up had nothing to do with Russia.” Spicer adds, “He felt he had an obligation to make sure the President knew what he had discovered, that’s it, plain and simple.”

As the NBC attack poodle continues, distorting and making allegations that the appearance now is that President Trump was involved in the process of the Russia investigation. Spicer responds in a straightforward, to be perfectly blunt with you,” manner, something that cuts through the distortion that the tool is attempting to weave into the story.

Spicer lays into the non-journalistic political hack, saying, “There seems to be this obsession with the process, you know, how did he get here, when did he go, what’s the reaction. At some point there should be a concern about the substance. That’s a very serious revelation that he’s made about what happened during the 2016 election with respect to our side, some of the things that happened. “

Spicer continues, “And at some point I would implore, urge, beg some of you to use some of your investigative skills to look into what actually did happen, why did it happen, what was going on back there, who knew what when?

After a brief back and forth about the use of anonymous sources, which, when reporting from the intelligence committee the odds are likely some anonymity will be required, versus the merits of leaking sensitive information to the leftist media, Spicer puts the hack in his place and takes a jab at the rest of the fake news reporters in the room in the process.

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