Spicer Critics Are Going To Have A Field Day With WWll Poison Gas Gaffe

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did it again, and while it’s obvious what he intended to say, the leftist mainstream propagandists may find this misstatement too irresistible and be all over him.

Spicer was asked in a Tuesday press briefing, “The alliance between Russia and Syria is a strong one, it goes back decades. President Putin has supplied personnel, he has supplied military equipment to the Assad government. What makes you think at this point he is going to pull back in his support for President Assad and for the Syrian government right now.”

Spicer responds, attempting to portray Assad as particularly heinous by comparing him to one of the most loathed and brutal leaders ever to have existed, Adolph Hitler. It didn’t work out as he had envisioned it. He said, “I think a couple things. You look, we didn’t use chemical weapons in World War ll. You know, you had a, someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”

He continues, “So you have to, if you’re Russia, ask yourself is this a country that you and a regime that you want to align yourself with? You have previously signed onto international agreements, rightfully acknowledging that the use of chemical weapons should be out of bounds by every country. To not stand up to, not only Assad but your own word, should be troubling.”

He said, “Russia put their name on the line. So it’s not a question of how long that alliance has lasted but at what point do they recognize that they are now getting on the wrong side of history in a really bad way really quickly. And again, look at the countries that are standing with them, Iran, Syria, North Korea. This is not a team you want to be on. And I think that Russia [has] to recognize that while they may have had an alliance with them, that the lines that have been crossed are ones that no country should ever want to see another country cross.”

The next reporter recognized references the Hitler comment, asking him, “what did you mean by that,” giving him the opportunity to try to dig his way out. Spicer recognizes his mistake as he tries to clarify and wrestles with making it state what he thought it was going to when the words left his mouth. There’s really no easy way to do so, with him eventually just thanking the reporters who are pointing it out to him, stating that was not the intent and moving on.

Spicer and the administration’s job of selling this to the Russians would be much easier if there were a UN verification of Syrian culpability based upon an “independent” investigation, as they are now full-throated in their characterization of the charges as a false flag. Other nations and a significant portion of the American people would also be more willing to come around to the administration’s way of thinking if they had a similar conclusion from third parties to substantiate their allegations.

As for Spicer and the mainstream media, they seemed to almost feel sorry for him in this instance. Everybody makes mistakes, he recognized his, corrected it, and apologized for it. Maybe they’ll let that be the end of it.

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5 Comments on Spicer Critics Are Going To Have A Field Day With WWll Poison Gas Gaffe

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // April 12, 2017 at 11:27 am // Reply

    Anyone can make a mistake in front of a crowd; at least he did not have a preplanned lie to tell the alleged media.

  2. I’ll look forward to it. I’ve been posting links to your articles on other news sites. So many have no idea except to follow the drum beat and the only response is 3D chess or we just need to accept it.

    • Rick Wells // April 12, 2017 at 7:59 am // Reply

      thanks, drum beat is right, they’re deaf to anything else, just following the beat, marching along – thought these “patriots” thought for themselves, saw through the fog, recognized the swamp existed. they’re drowning in it now and have no idea. maddening. Thanks.

  3. I don’t even know what to say about what’s going on in this administration. I knew it would not be good when Pence was put in charge, but I thought Trump would eliminate the neocons and RINOs.

    It appears the swamp is being filled to capacity. We have some wins, but overall the full reversals that he campaigned on seem to be up for co-opting. I’m very disappointed.

    • Rick Wells // April 12, 2017 at 7:38 am // Reply

      I’m with you Ben, got one coming out in a few minutes on the Putin speech – this is serious stuff – If you can help spread it around, my honesty has pissed off some of my readers and with Facebook choking literally 98% of my traffic out, I could use any help in getting the word out anyone can give me. Thanks, Rick

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