Special Prosecutor MUELLER PURGED FBI Training Docs After 9/11, Compromised FBI

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Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom spoke to Maria Bartiromo earlier this month, prior to Robert Mueller being named as special prosecutor and chief phantom Russian chaser in the leftist attempt  to destroy the Trump Presidency. The topic of the interview shifted to the issue of the real collusion, that of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR taking a prominent role and infiltrating the FBI. He describes how the White House, under both George W. Bush and the Obama regime and the FBI, including specifically Robert Muller, changed to accommodate the demands of the terrorist front organization after the Twin Towers came down.

Kallstrom says, “You know, right after 9/11, in my view, Bob Mueller, who was then the director, sort of acquiesced with CAIR, which is actually a front group, in my view, of the Muslim Brotherhood. And there was a lot of connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, without getting into detail.”

He says, “And the FBI really took away from the training materials of the FBI the whole history of radical fundamentalism. I mean it would kind of be like, okay, we’re not going to know anything about La Cosa Nostra. We’re not going to know anything about their habits or why they do things. I mean it’s just nonsense.” He asks, “How can agents investigate radical fundamentalists without knowing the whole history, where they’re coming from, what their mindset is?”

Mueller Purged any Reference To Islamic Terrorists due to Islamist Infiltration and CAIR

Kallstrom summed up their objectives, saying, “You know, that they want to basically infiltrate the United States and take the country over, along with killing people.” Bartiromo clarified, “Mueller took away the tools to do that.” “He took away the tools and he kept them away,” said Kallstrom. Bartiromo continued his thought, saying, “And Comey kept that up.”

Kallstrom confirmed, “And Comey kept that up and the agents’ training were basically, not the agents were dumb, the materials were dumb. You know and basically this blanket of political correctness, tied behind the back at least one arm of the FBI. Made it really impossible for the FBI to better protect the United States of America, without question.”

He said, “You know you look back to the Boston and all those other cases, right? It turns out that the FBI knew about those people, right? But they kind of dropped them off the side. Well yeah, in the FBI there was a culture of ‘you’d better not get too out there, you’d better not lean forward too much on some of these people.”

Bartiromo asks, “Why, I don’t understand, why?” Kallstrom doesn’t have a good answer for that question, saying, “It would take all the psychiatrists in the world to figure it out.” He notes, “And how the political elite went along with this is just really disgusting. You know, it’s a conspiracy of numbness and stupidity that has really harmed the ability of the FBI to protect the United States of America.”

That’s the sellout who served Islamic appeasers, if not Islamic terrorists and terrorist enablers, who is in control of the future of the man we elected, who has vowed to protect us from these same threats. This coup has many facets and there is no doubt this nation and our President are in serious jeopardy. 

Mueller was made FBI director one week before 9/11 and then immediately after the towers fell started a program of appeasement to the terrorist front group CAIR. Yet somehow he’s hailed by all of these establishment political streetwalkers as some great man of integrity? Integrity isn’t any of their strong suits. There’s a lot that isn’t right with this picture.

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4 Comments on Special Prosecutor MUELLER PURGED FBI Training Docs After 9/11, Compromised FBI

  1. While what Kallstrom is saying is true about CAIR, he covered up the downing of TWA flight 800. I take what he says with a grain

  2. Kitty Corbett // May 24, 2017 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    This report sounds right to me. Our past unConstitutilnally qualified pretend-president is and was a Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer, and a Muslim operative. We now have Muslims throughout our government, any of whom are likely to support the overall Muslim cause of replacing civilian governments with the Islamic caliphate of their evil dreams. That’s why they fanatically kill the Saturday people (Jews) and the Sunday people (Americans), and they won’t stop until they are utterly defeated. Can’t come soon enough.

  3. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 24, 2017 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    If Comey has said that he wants to confer with Mueller before he testifies, I would consider this to be very strange and off putting. I am convinced Comey is a crook and a liar. If, Mueller strongly endorses Comey, then it follows that either Mueller is also a crook or that Mueller has very bad judgement. I would think the odds favor Mueller being a crook.

    I would welcome dissenting opinions.

  4. I will withhold judgement of Mueller until the accusations against him are proven with documented evidence and until he makes a statement in his own behalf. I expected there would be lots of claims against him and am considering the sources.

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