Speaker RYAN Too Busy “Solving Problems” To Help TRUMP Fight LYNCH MOB

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Establishment RINO call boy and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, said on Monday that party unity is a Democrat thing. When one of their own is attacked, unless he’s part of the establishment cabal, he really isn’t one of them and will not be protected. In fact, as is the case with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC), they’ll help lead the charge against him.

If the targeted Republican is the President who is going after the influence peddling swamp creatures such as Ryan and those political fat cats that keep the sleazy Speaker in office, he can forget about quaint notions like party unity and standing with their president.

Ryan’s Speaker so there’s someone owned by the establishment who will defend their interests and act on their behalf against the American people. Faced with a choice of siding with those fat cats who keep him rich and in power or the American people and President Trump, turncoat Paul Ryan sides with his money changers.

Speaker Ryan, of course, doesn’t use direct language to defend his treachery, he talks around what he’s doing, lying about the situation to disguise his actions and his despicable nature. But actions speak louder than words and it’s clear that rather than throw President Trump a life preserver, Ryan plans to let him be eaten by the sharks. He’s even looking forward to the opportunity to toss a little chum into the water, whenever possible.

Ryan was asked on a local Wisconsin radio broadcast Monday morning about why Republicans aren’t doing more to protect President Trump from Mueller’s witch hunt and the partisan congressional hacks making a mockery of the Intelligence committees of both chambers, Adam Schiff’s minority Democrat run Intelligence Committee inquisition and the RINO Richard Burr’s Senate version.

Ryan said Mueller is a Republican appointed by a Republican – He must be trustworthy

Radio host Jay Weber asked Ryan about the Democratic donors hired by Mueller, to which he replied, “Bob Mueller is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican.” Bob Mueller is a swamp creature appointed by a swamp creature. Just like Ryan they have a Republican affiliation for the purpose of deception and utility. Party makes no difference in their actions. They protect the elites and the powerful who are above party and aligned with both.

Continuing his nonsensical drivel, the Speaker said, “I don’t think many people are saying that Mueller is a biased partisan…he really is anything but.” Right Ryan, he serves the moneyed masters, party is of no importance. He’s a traitor to the nation, in service to our enemies, those who control the two-party mirage from above it.

Demonstrating what an insufferable liar he is, Ryan went on to say, laughably, that a special counsel “depoliticizes this stuff,” and “gets it out of the political theater.” If it’s out of the political theater why are there still investigations going on in the House and Senate Intelligence committees? Mueller only added to the political theater as Ryan well knows. His comments serve to illustrate what a liar and a lowlife he is. 

Ryan has no time to help President Trump, – He’s focusing on “People’s Issues”

In an attempt to separate himself from the actual lynching Ryan claims he’s too busy to get involved in all of that stuff. He said Republicans are “not spending all of our time on this. Because that’s not what we were elected to do, we were elected to solve people’s problems and focus on their issues and that’s what we’re focused on.”

President Trump wasn’t elected to spend all of his time defending himself from the attacks of the establishment Ryan is aligned with either, but necessity and the political corruption of Ryan and his ilk leave him with little choice. It’s sink or swim and Ryan is helping the Democrats pull him under.

President Trump is aware of what’s going on, and he knows who and what Ryan is. He tweeted Sunday, “it’s very sad that Republicans…do very little to protect their president.” Maybe the voters of Wisconsin can take care of the Ryan problem in 2018.

The House needs to remove the traitor from his speakership immediately, if there are enough patriots left in that legislative body to represent the interests of the people over those of the establishment and their contemptible call boys.


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13 Comments on Speaker RYAN Too Busy “Solving Problems” To Help TRUMP Fight LYNCH MOB

  1. You’re too busy Ryan? Will let go of your MacConnell and get out of the bathroom. There see now you have enough time.

  2. Paul Ryan needs to go! Wish I were a Wisconsinite so I could help vote him out. Hmmm, haven’t done too well in Minnesota tho. Hardly anyone I’ve voted for got in, grrr. I believe I helped with President Trump tho… everyone I know voted for him, and the Democrats barely pulled that one off. Cities and Illegals I think. Other counties went red. Wish they’d go into that “voter fraud” in Minnesota.

  3. There is someone running against Paul ryan. His name is Paul Nehlen. We just have to get out the vote for him. He is a business owner who ran against the speaker last time, but no one really knew who he was. Now they do so go Nehlen go.

  4. Here’s the solution – http://www.electnehlen.com/meet-paul/

  5. roger williams // July 25, 2017 at 9:46 pm // Reply

    The best article of the day. Ryan is the worst of them, a rhino who serves both parties.

  6. Look at Lyin’ Ryan’s face in the above picture. He looks like a guilty little boy who just set fire to Dad’s house. He’s pathetically unqualified for any political office.

    • Looking at his face even close, with all my many years of memories, I could almost hear Ryan say “Jeffrey did it.”

  7. Grrrr! Ryan too busy ‘solving problems’ that he continues to create by NOT helping President Trump!! I subscribe to this snake’s emails in the spirit of ‘keeping my enemies closer’ and every time President Trump accomplishes something, in spite of Congress’ obstruction, Ryan spews kudos onto himself as though he were responsible for it. I’d love to smack him side his head, literally.

  8. Shirley Freeland // July 25, 2017 at 11:34 am // Reply

    In 2018 a true Republican needs to run against Ryan and we Trump supporters need to help get his opponent elected. He is not busy doing the will of the people. What a big liar. Congress isn’t doing anything but witch hunting along with the rest of them. President Trump doesn’t deserve the treatment he is getting and he hasn’t done anything to be run out of office. I don’t think the Democrats and the Republicans who have joined the ranks of the Democrats don’t know what they will face if they try to get rid of President Trump. Mueller is one of the Democrats just like a lot of the other Republicans who run as Republicans to get elected but after elected they do what Democrats do. Sounds like Republicans who run for office need to be vetted to make sure that they are really Republicans. Mueller is a Hillary person and donated thousands of dollars to her campaign. How can he be a fair person in this whole fiasco. Also since he has surrounded himself with all witch hunt Democrats it’s pretty obvious what he is up to and I hope President Trump’s legal team can get him fired because he is a traitor too.


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