Soros Unleashed His Anti-Russia, Anti-Nationalism Plot At Invasion Rollout

soros russia

soros russia

The evil one, George Soros, gave an interview with Frenchman Marc Perelman in November of 2014. In it he had some interesting comments in the aftermath of the US midterm elections, but also some observations regarding Russia and international politics that are quite relevant in view of today’s current anti-Russia campaign that is underway. Soros money controls, to a large degree, the fake news propagandists in the mainstream media, with some wholly owned politicians such as Hussein Obama, Adam Schiff, John McCain and Lindsey Graham selling their support and leading the charge for baseless retaliation. It’s easy to be a successful speculator if you buy and control the direction of political events.


After noting that Soros has funded the Democrats for many years, Perelman asks Soros for his take on the elections, with Soros claiming he was shocked because “It’s much worse than I expected and it makes me reflect and at the moment I’m confused.” He’s asked if he believes Obama will be a lame duck president for the remainder of his days in office, to which Soros has an immediate and oddly well-informed reply.

Soros says, “Well, he will rule mainly by executive order, which is, I’m very pleased because I think migration is an issue that needs to be attended to. But how the cooperation will work with the Republicans, anyway, I hope that something can actually be accomplished also on the legislative side.”

It’s more proof that Soros was supporting and orchestrating dictatorial actions forcing Islamists into the US and Europe more than two years ago, with his puppet Hussein on his leash, doing exactly, to the letter, as he was commanded by his master.

They discuss a quote of Soros in which he said, “Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence. Neither European leaders nor the citizens are fully aware of this challenge.” Perelman asks if Soros is overreacting, unaware of what Soros has planned for the next two years in the way of manipulating the world stage.


The forced importation of hordes of barbarians into Europe and the United States was just getting into full swing at that time and the obvious was still unseen by most of the populations, naively believing the claims of the EU made through national mouthpieces. Those who saw what was coming were powerless to stop it due to the compromised nature of their governments under the EU and in the US, the corruption of Congress and the illegitimate Obama regime. It gave Soros the room he needed to operate.

Now he’s seeking again to divide and conquer by placing wedges between the people of Europe and Russia and between America and Russia. Soros says he believes the “European public is under-reacting and that’s why I’m trying to explain to them the real danger that Russia represents.” Ignore the very real threat posed by Soros’ invading hordes of non-assimilating terrorists and their sympathizers that are flooding your shores because, you never know, Russia might do something.

He goes on to say that it is shocking because “there is nothing much attractive about a Putin regime. It is what I call a mafia state.” He should know since he operates one out of the White House. Soros continues, “We have to recognize that the Union itself, which is a noble, well-intended experiment in international governance has failed and has not delivered what it had promised. And there’s such degree of disappointment that even Russia can offer an alternative.”


That’s a pretty creative means of diverting to a substitute boogeyman. It’s the failure of the EU and of puppet bureaucrats like Merkel and Hollande that is actually responsible, quite possibly by design to implode the sovereigns into one incohesive chaotic mass . It’s a failed experiment but not because of the influence of Russia. Once again, foreign control of sovereign nations failed.

Where’s he going to take his campaign against Russia? After first denouncing the sovereignty movement leaders in various European nations, Soros took up the Obama – McCain mantra that Putin is waging war in Ukraine and if he succeeds it is the end of NATO and the Baltic States.

Soros claims that Putin advancing nationalism ideology is shocking to him. George doesn’t like it when the Bolsheviks misbehave and act independently.

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