Soros – Trump And Putin Equally Bad For Future Of His Global Kingdom

george soros


In a dissertation that likely brought out a collective “so die already” among many of those who read it, George Soros describes himself as a concerned 86-year-old Hungarian Jew. There is some comfort to be taken in his words, he seems to actually be anxious over the prospects that all of his “hard work” of sowing the seeds of international discord and national chaos may be being undone. The populism that is spreading around the world in response to his devious attempts with his global comrades and the UN towards imposing slavery upon the rest of us may be in serious trouble. The Trump presidency may hold even more prospects for a happy new year.

After introducing himself and trying to sell the reader on what a great guy he is, Satan, aka Soros, gives a passing mention to his puppet Angela Merkel and then goes on to declare that “Democracy is now in crisis,” attacking the US and our President-elect as evidence of his conclusions. Satan Soros labels Mr. Trump as a con artist and would-be dictator, laughable from one who has had a puppet of his own in the White House for eight years and narrowly missed installing a successor. Maybe, if he’d put another billion dollars into it, or held off on a few of those untimely Islamic terrorist attacks, or decided on a second color of lives that matters almost as much as the black ones and mobilized them into thug armies as well, things would have been different for George and Hillary. We’ll never know.

Soros describes Mr. Trump’s incoming cabinet as a collection of “incompetent extremists and retired generals.” Guess that makes them just about perfect. He says he’s confident that “democracy” will prove resilient in the US, but he’s betting against it, on the attack anyway. He declares that Trump will have an affinity with dictators across the globe and bemoans his willingness to resist the temptation to engage in conflicts at the drop of a corporatist hat.

He laments, “That will allow some of them to reach an accommodation with the US, and others to carry on without interference. Trump will prefer making deals to defending principles. Unfortunately, that will be popular with his core constituency.” Soros is fine with survival and prosperity when it is his wealth and power that are being serviced, not so much when it’s just we the insignificant commoners.

Soros warns he is “particularly worried about the fate of the EU, which is in danger of coming under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose concept of government is irreconcilable with that of open society.” If Putin has the global control freak Soros so worried and has values that are irreconcilable  with his, maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all. He’s hates Soros’ terrorist allies in the Middle East too, another “strike against him,” for old George.

Soros, a poor liar, tells an obvious fairy tale about Putin, saying he “exploited social media companies’ business model to spread misinformation and fake news, disorienting electorates and destabilizing democracies. That is how he helped Trump get elected.” It was the truth that got Mr. Trump elected, over the fake news that the establishment politicians and CFR media propagandists were polluting the discussion with on a daily basis. No sale, Satan.

Soros’ hand-wringing disinformation machine goes into high gear as he says, “I hope that Europe’s leaders and citizens alike will realize that this endangers their way of life and the values on which the EU was founded.” The European values and way of life are actually being targeted by the EU, UN and Soros, with their Islamic invasion exposed as an attempt to dissolve individual national borders into a European caliphate. There’s nothing European about mosques and those “values.”

It’s good that Soros sees his corrupt global kingdom collapsing around him. Maybe American patriot and soon-to-be Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of those “incompetent extremists” Soros has such disdain for, will find the time to take a look into his anti-American activities as well. The evidence is everywhere.

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