Soros Toady – Trump, Putin, European Populism A Toxic Mix For “Liberal Order”

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In what is a thinly-veiled globalist attack on free people expressing their God-given rights to rule themselves and toss aside the shackles of their corrupt and illegitimate elite establishment political apparatus, the UK’s Daily Star ran an article titled ” Dawn of the New World Order: 2017 will be the year Everything changes.” To the author, Henry Holloway, freedom and a desire on the part of the common man for self-determination are shocking concepts. It’s something that he seems quite unprepared for dealing with on his own. Maybe he can find a grownup in Britain who will hold his hand, preferably a patriot who voted for Brexit.

He recognizes correctly that “Putin’s growing power and Trump’s extraordinary US Election victory are both herald’s of a growing movement against the established world governments.” He also notes that “Anti-establishment parties raging against the political class could sweep to victory in a swathes of elections next year and change the face of the West.”

The problem he fails to recognize is that of the nature and intrusion of the “establishment,” that they are external control mechanisms that have no legitimacy, often acting in direct conflict with what is best for the nations they attempt to govern and their citizens.

He writes, “From Germany, to France, to the Netherlands – fringe and extremist parties are gaining momentum hand over fist and looked primed to seize power. Notable victories have already been won – with a shocking referendum win in Italy causing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign in a move said to pave the way for the collapse of the EU.”

Since when did survival and self-preservation, a desire for what is best for your family and attempts to secure their futures become fringe or extremist ideas? Since the global fascists took over, since the EU, the Bush North American Union, The UN agenda 21 policies, the climate hoax and agenda 2030 were all slipped in unwittingly on a sleeping world population. Since we’ve been told that it’s immoral to take care of our own and collectivism on a global scale is the equivalent of and the only way to achieve social acceptance through self-destructive humanitarianism.

The Author quotes as a source for his article Fredrik Wesslau, of the European Council of Foreign Relations. He fails to mention that that is an organization founded and operated by George Soros, the globalist architect of the Islamic invasion of Europe which is intended to eliminate the independent nation states in achieving his global fascist collective.

Wesslau showed his Soros stripes by describing a post-Obama world under Donald Trump as the “unthinkable is now thinkable.” Apparently the unthinkable would still be unthinkable if the corrupt engineer of world chaos, Hillary Clinton had been able to buy and manipulate her way into office.

Coinciding with a similar message delivered by the evil one himself, George Soros, in an op-ed, the message is that the supposedly preferable “liberal order” is now in jeopardy thanks to “an unholy alliance” between Putin and Trump.

He frets over the race to the exits for EU member states, debating whether it will be France under Marine Le Pen, the Netherlands under Geert Wilders, Austria, Denmark or perhaps even the domain of the beast itself, Merkel’s Germany that will be the next and the subsequent EU dominoes to come to a rest in a horizontal position.

It what has come to sound like music to the ears of many Frenchmen as their country is overrun by Islamist invaders, Le Pen has pledged to pull France out of NATO and to “push migrants who want to come to Europe back into international waters”.

Italian comedian and leader of their Five Star Movement, Beppe Grillo was instrumental in the defeat of Renzi. The Czech Republic will hold elections in 2017 and chaotic Islamic cesspool Sweden following in 2018. Both have leaders who have emerged in the Trump image. Things have gotten physical in Greece, with refugee camps being targeted by the Golden Dawn party.

Again Soros spokesman Wesslau is quoted, saying, “The new axis between Trump’s America, Putin’s Russia, and European populists represents a toxic mix for the liberal order in Europe,” adding, “Within Europe, populists on the left and right are trying to roll back the liberal order.” He warned, “The European Union itself risks being an early casualty.”

We can certainly hope so, Mr. Wesslau. Your European Council on Foreign Relations and all Soros puppet organizations can kindly join them.

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  1. That is correct, That is what the people want. NOT LIBERAL ORDER !

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // December 30, 2016 at 4:03 pm // Reply

    It would be nice if Trump transferred sorryass to Russia as a favor to Putin.

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