Soros Sucked $5 Million US Tax Dollars For Thursday’s “Berkeley” Attack On Macedonia Parliament

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It looks like it could be Berkeley in the midst of one of the attacks from a Soros funded group, perhaps the Antifa radicals. It could be, and there’s really only one difference of any significance, this Soros orchestrated chaos is taking place in Macedonia, a country he’s been five years in the process of destabilizing, with the help of a pilfering pretend US ‘president’ willing to steal our tax dollars.

Americans weren’t asked if their money should go to fund Obama and Soros government destabilization efforts in Europe, we’d have undoubtedly told them to stuff it. They just took it, what are slaves going to do against all their power anyway.  Our millions were funneled to Soros through USAID by the John Kerry and Hillary Clinton State Departments. That money, now finally the subject of an inquiry by Senator Mike Lee of UT, went to fund radical groups, their training, recruitment and growth. They even used some of the money to translate the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals into the Macedonian language.

Clearly Soros’ puppet, Hussein Obama, was behind this in addition to the corrupt Secretaries of State. All three should be called in before Congress, in public hearings, to testify under oath as to why our tax money went to fund the communist expansion in an allied democratic nation. It would also be interesting to hear the Marxist hypocrites’ justification for their own meddling in the internal affairs of another nation, including their election process, given the false uproar that they claimed over Russian hacking that has still not been shown to have occurred.

Four months without a government, caused by the orchestrated intimidation by radicalized Soros goons, their political demands and alliances, created a situation on Thursday which resulted in attacks on the Members of Parliament after the Soros thugs took matters into their own hands, electing one of their minority Albanian leaders, former defense minister Talat Xhaferi, as president of the Parliament.

Reuters reports that what they referred to as “protesters” stormed into Macedonia’s parliament and assaulted the leader of the Social Democrats. That leader, Zoran Zaev was seen with blood running on his forehead.

According to Reuters, nationalist protesters angered “over Xhaferi’s election beat up another lawmaker inside parliament. Broken glass littered the floor and traces of blood were seen in hallways. Some of the roughly 200 protesters inside the parliament were masked. Witnesses said that police entered parliament after the disturbances erupted but did not immediately seek to quell the protesters.”

That sounds like the Berkeley Police and their non-response to the AntiFa radicals beating up Trump supporters in that American city. Clearly they’ve developed what they feel is a winning strategy and they’re employing it anywhere around the world where Soros has his money or ours invested in creating chaos.

Reuters also noted that “President Gjorge Ivanov invited leaders of all political parties for a meeting in his office on Friday,” but he “refused to give mandate to Zaev, who has forged the coalition with ethnic Albanian parties to form the government saying it threatened the sovereignty of Macedonia.”

To do so would be to concede defeat to the leftist radicals, something that isn’t going to happen and even if it did, it’s now clear the people of Macedonia would not stand for. Every day we’re given another reason Soros should be behind bars. When is the FBI going to do their job?

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