Soros Radicals Celebrate Across America – May Day, Climate Day, It’s All Anti-America Day

soros marchers may day


On Monday, May 1st, rallies and marches were held around the nation and the world to celebrate George Soros Day, also more commonly referred to as International Workers’ Day, Labour Day or simply as May Day here in the US. After all, for the America-haters, every day is George Soros Day.

Of course no event or noteworthy date on the calendar can pass without a leftist demonstration and perhaps a riot or two against President Trump and the Constitutionalists. The radicals just pick a line of crap, develop a few “catchy” chants to keep the feeble-minded engaged and angry, hand them a sign, point in the direction to march, and off they go, the Soros media propaganda event is underway.

Events marking the day were scheduled to take place in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia and elsewhere, with funding provided to the organizers and rabble-rousers by “generous George.” The scope of “issues” being addressed remained virtually the same for this labor event as they were for the on celebrating the “scientific” cult of planetary worship just completed, the climate hoax “legitimization” rallies.

The signs might change a little bit, but the participants, especially the core group and the agitators, remain the same. Only the name of the “cause” changes for the cameras and media propagandists. It gives the impression to the “stupid people” who actually believe the lies they tell, feeding their faces as they receive their programming in their living rooms, that the “movement” is much larger and more pervasive than it actually is.

In addition to the celebration of communism that is mislabeled as “labor,” the participants included all of the typical leftist identity groups, homosexual and perversion advocates, pro-illegals, anti-sovereignty, black supremacists, brown supremacists, anti-police, femiNazis and eugenicist abortionists.

One of those promoting her slice of the George Soros radicalism pie was Fernanda Durand of Casa in Action, an anti-sovereignty, open borders, pro-invasion organization. She said, “There’s a real galvanization of all the groups this year. Our presence in this country is being questioned by Donald Trump. We are tired of being demonized and scapegoated. We’ve had enough.” Good, does that mean they’re going back where they belong? Squatter girl makes my point, they’re all coming together, all demonstrating for each other’s supposed causes. Same radicals, different banners, same master, George Soros. 

She claims that her group expects to draw 10,000 people to Washington DC to promote rights for illegal squatters in our nation. Does DHS have enough vehicles to make the most of this opportunity? How high can illegals be safely stacked inside a bus or the back of a paddy wagon? Make sure to properly inflate your tires, boys. She notes that their march will pass near the White House and end with speeches from both illegals and the corrupt anti-American Democrats who enable them. That might be a good place to park. She also expects “More than 200 immigrant-owned businesses will close in Washington.” If by immigrant she means illegal squatters, Monday is a great start. Let’s help them stay closed on Tuesday and everyday thereafter as well.

Soros, through his and Obama’s “Rise Up” movement, have organized 259 events in over 200 cities, all directed at weakening our nation, collapsing our society and ending representative independent national government. UPI reports, “In Philadelphia, a group called Philly We Rise marched throughout downtown in support of “alternatives to the Trump agenda,” according to its website. In Oakland, Calif., dockworkers plan to close the city’s waterfront, and demonstrations and marches are set to be held outside federal immigration offices, in front of the jail and along Bay Area Rapid Transit routes. Other union groups planning protests include Roofers Local 36 in Los Angeles.”

It’s amazing that there are actually people in this country, (Democrats are still people, right?) who don’t understand that bringing in more cheap workers lowers their own earning scale and decreases the opportunities. They’ll continue to support both Democrats and unions who are working to give their jobs to foreigners.

Even the lazy slugs who want to suck off the government teat should at some point recognize that lower tax revenues equals less free stuff for them. They might actually have to sell apples, drugs, their girlfriends or themselves on a street corner just to survive some day. They’d hate selling apples.


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