Soros Globalist Tool Kushner Portrayed As “Miracle Worker,” Inserted Into Admin – Why?

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The video starts out noting that Jared Kushner was a virtual nobody until the victory of President Trump put him into an increasingly powerful position. An article in Forbes magazine is indicative of the level of promotion, that they credited him with President Trump’s victory.

Really, a guy with no political experience takes a candidate with no political experience against the Democrat political machinery, the incumbent pretend president, the Clintons, 16 or so other GOP candidates as well as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Sure he did. We’re being sold a bill of goods after the fact with Kushner, the question that needs to be sorted out is why.

They note the address of Kushner’s building, which his globalist contacts, friends and family helped him acquire, is 666 5th Avenue. Yes that is the Mark of the Beast and Soros is an atheist who’s bringing this guy to power with President Trump’s help, perhaps in collaboration, perhaps not. The video then turns its attention to Kushner’s relationship with that global pirate and enemy of all free men, George Soros.

They play a clip from 60 Minutes of Soros proclaiming a need to “work on a better world order where we work together to solve problems that confront humanity.” What he doesn’t say in that clip is he expects us to do so by surrendering our freedom and wealth to him and his cabal.


Hal Lindsey noted the comments of Soros during the Bush 43 presidency as saying, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” He notes that when he was asked for an explanation, Soros elaborated, “By declaring a ‘war on terror’ after September 11th, we set the wrong agenda for the world.”

They then explore the relationship between Kushner and Soros and the irony that President Trump, while campaigning, had rightfully vilified Soros as the antipathy of everything his voters stood for. It’s odd that Soros’ ally Kushner was part of the orchestrating and delivering of that message.

As the Soros clip of him denouncing Trump as a “An impostor, and a con man and a would be dictator plays, the right cheek of Soros goes through some curious, unnatural contortions. It’s at the 3:18 or so point in the video. Maybe he’s just preparing to shed his skin but it is odd looking.

So there’s little argument that Soros is an evil manipulative monster, the video moves on to the more important question of why is the son-in-law of our President, a liberal who is increasingly being inserted into positions of power that we, the people, would not approve of and did not vote for, in bed with him.


Fox Business’ David Asman almost thoroughly soaks himself with drool as he quotes Forbes on national television praising Kushner’s amazing accomplishment of getting Trump elected. Actually, we the people did that. If you self-serving New York glory hogs want the credit it really doesn’t matter so long as our country gets back into our hands, where it rightfully belongs. That’s where we may be running into a bit of a problem, one that Kushner seems to be exacerbating.

They go on to cover the attempts to portray the little metro-sexual as some type of superman and Einstein all rolled into one, much smarter than the rest of us commoners. Something isn’t right in all of this, the globalists are quickly dragging America into the swamp, and this wormy little twerp is in the middle of it.

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