Soros Democrats Won’t Accept Any Deal That Includes Defending US Borders

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Globalist George Soros owns the Democrat Party and its leadership. His network of radical anti-American organizations works in concert with the Democrats to impose his agenda on our nation, to erode our liberty and degrade the quality of our future.

He’s ramping up the agitation, as was just demonstrated by a group of his operatives attacking his operative Nancy Pelosi. She and Chuck Schumer made the framework of a deal that should have Soros and his fellow globalist manipulators celebrating. But it’s not good enough. He wants total open borders and Pelosi was willing to accept some enforcement.

Soros is demanding that congressional Democrats oppose and obstruct any measures which permit immigration law enforcement, even if they include “Dreamer” amnesty. The Daily Caller reports that the Soros radical group “Indivisible,” which is notorious for disrupting Republican town halls, is partnering with his other front groups, the National Immigration Law Center and United We Dream to put more pressure on all congressional Democrats.

Pelosi and Schumer are being targeted particularly and criticized as having a “cozy relationship with Trump.” They’re organizing phone campaigns to pressure Democrats to reject any DACA legislation that includes funding for border security. For once George’s money may be accidentally achieving some good.

The Soros agitators have declared that their protests won’t stop simply with Congress passing amnesty for DACA recipients. They want Democrats to oppose any legislation that would allow federal officials to improve immigration law enforcement. After all, to their way of thinking, we’re all global citizens and occupying space in America is the same for anyone, regardless of where they were born or what passport they hold.

Any law which provides more border agents or security is unacceptable, and that most effective means of enforcement, the wall we were promised is out of the question. The Daily Caller notes that the agitators are also demanding that Democrats oppose “Kate’s Law,” which provides harsher penalties for deported illegal aliens who return to the United States.

Critically, the Soros-funded activists attempt to distort reality, portraying the legislation as cruelly “criminalizing immigrants seeking to reunite with their families,” somehow assigning the existence of a family connection as some sort of exemption from having to comply with immigration laws.

Similarly the Soros-owned Democrats are expected to oppose any efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities, framing the issue as them supporting the honest and hardworking “immigrant communities.” It’s the same program Soros has put into action across the globe, as he progressively destroys Europe as he’s attempting to do here in the US.


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