Social Media Fines $522,000 Per Day For Posting Govt Censored Speech

angela merkel censor speech


German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s censorship storm troopers are gearing up ahead of the globalist’s run for a fourth term, one that will spell the end of Germany as a Christian nation and its central position in the European Islamic caliphate.

In order to prevent the truth her engineering the invasion and conquest of Germany by Islamic jihadists from derailing her campaign and potentially putting her inside a prison cell where she belongs, her puppet government of the EU is considering the imposition of a 500,000 Euro fine, $522,000 per day to be levied against social network platforms, particularly Facebook, for every day they fail to remove a story that the thought Nazis, the German Speech Police label as “fake news.”

The new law would also require the social networks to create offices inside the country dedicated to rooting out the unapproved truths, responding to some butt-hurt liberal or globalist’s complaint and force the social media company to be responsible for providing compensation to individual users if a post is deemed to be slanderous. Welcome to the world of Facebook for lunch pictures and scenery pics, and you’d better not have anything but the highest praise for the taste and the service at lunch if you know what’s good for you.

In an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine, Germany’s parliamentary chief of the Social Democrat party, Thomas Oppermann, warned, “If after the relevant checks Facebook does not immediately, within 24 hours, delete the offending post then [it] must reckon with severe penalties of up to 500,000 Euros.”

Free speech no longer exists in Germany, but for half a million bucks, you can say what you want, for  a day. The Speech Nazis, in this case more than living up to their predecessors and their billing, claim that the elimination of free speech is necessary as the only means of combating those demonic Russians, fearful that they might insert truth into the Merkel campaign as they are being accused of by Hillary Clinton in doing with her own criminal cover up.

Speech Nazi and a senior MP in Merkel’s party Patrick Sensburg bemoaned the spread of “fake-news,” the truth, which is spread in response to the falsehoods of the state propagandists, something none of the globalists would ever admit. Were it not for the lies that are being spread by the power grabbing elite, the resources of the mainstream media would quickly overpower and put the truth merchants out of business. It is the fact that the establishment and their media are completely corrupt and untrustworthy that creates the need for the independent outlets they choose to vilify as being “fake.”

Sensburg said, “Targeting disinformation to destabilize a state should be a criminal offence.” Does that apply to your own Chancellor and her campaign, Mr. MP? Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, told Bild am Sonntag: “Facebook is earning an awful lot of money with fake news. A company that earns billions from the internet also has a social responsibility.”

Actually, the public increasingly recognizes an illegitimate news source in the free market. It is the government and mainstream outlets, CNN, ABC, NBC and their international counterparts, the state propagandists, that are harder to detect and much more prolific at dispensing falsehoods.

These restrictions, if they go into effect, will eliminate Facebook as a medium of debate in Germany or wherever they are forced down the throats of an unwilling public by globalist tyrants such as Angela Merkel. Pay attention, people of Germany and the world, your freedoms are being stolen out from under you.

The hideous mug of Angela Merkel is the new face of German tyranny.

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