Snoop Dogg Shooting President Trump – This Racist Thug Belongs Behind Bars

snoop dogg trump shooting


I’ve often described Rap as the evolution of what began as the mindless street corner spitting by those who lacked either the talent, dedication, desire or ability to play an instrument mimicking productive people as they chanted to guttural sounds everybody was born capable of producing. How it’s labeled as music is a mystery other than it’s obviously a very broadly interpreted definition.

The thug that calls himself “Snoop lower than Dogg crapp” has just further made my point, something he does with great regularity, as do his fellow hood rat pieces of “lower than Dogg.” Any fool can make a video and he just put up one in which he simulates assassinating our President. It’s sure to draw lots of praise from the leftist thugs he’s aligned with, the OFA members and Soros BLM lackeys attempting to normalize the concept among their pool of potential perpetrators. Who knows, they could have provided the financing. Every other form of subversion leads back to the leftist puppeteers.

Based upon whatever conceivable charges can be filed, with all of the creativity that exists within the FBI and Secret Service, this America-hating racist piece of trash needs to spend some serious time behind bars. He should already be being interrogated, intensely.

Stupid white people who listen to the crap that the canine fecal matter produces might want to take notice of the fact that in the video the targets of insults, implied stupidity and violence are all white people depicted as clowns in “whiteface.” If someone were to do something similar with anyone pretending to be black people in blackface, even without a simulated shooting or other act of violence, the left would be going berserk.

Imagine if the same type of production had been done with Hussein Obama as the victim of an assassination. The idiot behind it would be in prison right now, at this very moment. In the interest of equal justice and equality, Mr. Dogg Crapp needs to be similarly jailed, immediately.

Because the noise and idiocy that makes these thugs rich, the rap crap, is so insulting to look at and such an assault on the ears and mind, and for those who want to avoid the general assaults on white folks, the part with him shooting the President is found at approximately the 3:00 mark. For those who want to see the racist attacks on the crackers, depicted as clowns as an insult as well as to establish his plausible deniability for the presidential assassination parody, you can always mute the idiotic thing. There’s absolutely nothing of value that you’ll miss.

For you stupid white people that support this garbage, congratulations. You’re a part of the demise of America being facilitated by the left, in part through mongrel mutts like this.

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