Smurfy Terrorist Wannabe Insults And Assaults Normal Folks For Being Normal

london islamist terrorist


Clearly this terrorist sympathizer or worse knows he’s got the full support of London’s Mayor and all the other pro-Islamist bleeding hearts who may soon find themselves bleeding from other locations as well. After a minor bumper bender the “man” in the blue dress and woman’s hat starts ranting and threatening a woman and her march larger male companion.

Surely he’d love to knock some sense into the little big mouth, big eared agitator, but he must be fully aware that the deck in any court is stacked against him and in favor of their belligerent terrorist leaning ingrates.

Much of the conversation is hard to understand, particularly the erratic speech of little boy blue, although some of his favorite words are fairly easy to pick out. There seems to be some discussion of who belongs in London, with the invader now fully believing it’s his and his mayor’s and he’s free to insult anyone he chooses as long as he does so with a little defense of Islam thrown in for good measure.

To that point he insults the normal guy, assuming that he eats pork and criticizing his appearance as a result. Maybe Akbar, Ahmed or whatever name was given to this terrorist by a goat herder in his home country should have a BLT and a beer. Perhaps he’s let too much time pass since he last beat his wives. That and a good ISIS video might be just what the Imam ordered to put him back into a good mood. He needs to do something, he’s way too stressed out. He’s liable to blow at any minute; the guy’s a regular ticking time bomb.

Boy Blue attacks the normal guy’s manhood as well, taunting him, apparently oblivious to the fact that he’s the one in the dress and the “Jackie ‘O'” hat.

The Islamist pig indicates that he’s getting ready to spit on the woman videotaping his rant but she warns him not to even try it. He wisely spits on the ground instead and then not so wisely goes after her anyway, punching her camera, an act of battery to go with the assaults.

He’s been circling around taking photos himself, but that’s different. Those were his pictures, it’s his country now, they’re Sharia approved. She’s lucky he didn’t shoot her or go after her with a machete. We all know the risks associated with having these mad barbarians roaming about on our streets.

Ultimately he did explode after all. That gave the normal guy all the excuse he needed. We can expect that he made the most of that opportunity the way any normal guy would. And enjoyed every second of it.

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5 Comments on Smurfy Terrorist Wannabe Insults And Assaults Normal Folks For Being Normal

  1. What do you all expect from someone who is a product of ‘in-breeding’ for almost 1600 years !
    And the democrats want more of them, much, much more of them in America.

  2. Darn. I wanted to see what happened after her camera got hit. I commend the real man for his behavior up to that point in the video. Boy blue needs a lesson in speech.

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 4, 2017 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    Tough guy, pushing a woman around. Beat his dumb ass to intensive care, then run over him a few times, and call animal control to let them know there is a pile of shit in the middle of the road.

  4. Wring his neck and be done with it.

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