Smearing Trump, America Hater Elizabeth Warren Forgets Dems Not In Power

elizabeth warren


One of the many commie agitators that has managed to obtain a seat in our legislative bodies, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), made a speech on Saturday’s combined anti-Trump and Planned Parenthood propaganda event. She wasn’t even trying to hide her being bought and owned by the abortionists and their establishment supporter structure, sporting a scarf with their name on it as she spoke. Does she have a “Property of George Soros” scarf too?

Pink was the operative color of the day, as were the ubiquitous and ridiculous looking, although appropriate, knitted bag hats. They could have used them to carry their trash out after the event, but environmentally conscious Dems don’t do things like that. Collecting trash is peasant work. They’re there to complain and dress alike. Even the Democrat men, or as close as they can get and self-identifying as such, were wearing pink in solidarity with their fellow America-haters.

Nobody hates regular, middle class, moral American patriots and Donald Trump more than Elizabeth Warren, so it’s a natural that she’d be spewing her phlegm at the deserving crowd. She was there to spread an anti-Trump message, campaigning for 2020, and attempting to present to the self-centered and parasitic takers of America the message that communist Democrats are the party of nice people. They’re the defense against those mean Republicans and Independents trying to save the country.

She promotes the usual ridiculous Democrat talking points and positions in the short clip, the first one being that “Immigration makes us a stronger country,” making no distinction, as they seldom do, between illegal and legal immigration. She adds, “We will not build a stupid wall and we will not tear millions of families (who put themselves in the situation by violating our borders) apart, not on our watch.”

It appears there was some stupid in those comments, but it was not the wall. If this libtard listened to the inane utterings coming out of her mouth and compared them to the events going on, the supposed reason for her being behind that podium in the first place, she’d already have realized we’re not on their watch. The election was back in November, Warren, Donald Trump is the President and Republicans have both chambers of Congress. Watch and complain are about the only things you people can do.

She goes on to say “We believe that sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry have no place in this country, Black Lives Matter, inferring that the President supports all of those things.” She’s in a tight competition with Hillary Clinton and Ashley Judd for that nasty woman title. Or do we just give them all participation awards?

She’s such a humanitarian, recognizing Black Lives Matter, who also does the bidding of her puppeteer, George Soros. That’s the camaraderie of the infamous Democrat brotherhood. How about a shout to CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas too, Warren? Maybe your racist friends at the Congressional Black Caucus would like some more TV time. At least you could mention what an icon John Lewis is again and how he’s above reproach. We haven’t heard that one in at least fifteen minutes.

“Diversity,” the lack of commonality which leads to disunity, “makes our country stronger,” she blabbers, before resting on the podium and delivering the next Marxist talking point. She says, “We believe that equal means equal, and that’s true in the workplace, it’s true in marriage, it’s true every place. We will never stop fighting to ensure equality for all of our citizens.” Surely she meant residents or space occupiers. She wouldn’t want to imply that citizens have more rights than border-crashing squatters, would she? And don’t bother working hard, Americans, those who are fortunate enough to have a job. Under Democrats, just as in the Soviet Union, everybody’s equal. Just do enough to get by.

Just like Rep John Lewis, she repeats the old scripts that have done well for her in the past. Updating the year, Warren says, “I’m just going to do one more, one more, that I cannot believe I have to do in 2017. “We believe in equal pay for equal work and a woman’s right to decisions over her own body.

The trained seals loved it. Babies yet to be born were less than enthusiastic. Out of work white males didn’t hear a word she said. They don’t exist to her, and they weren’t in the audience. They were out looking for a job.

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