Slick Erdy – Turns Vote On Turkey Dictatorship To Nationalist Anti-European Pride

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a smooth operator. He is widely believed to have orchestrated, or at a minimum, baited his opposition into a premature, failed coup against him last July. The effect was to allow him to identify those who posed a threat to his expanding authoritarianism and grant him the legal justification for their imprisonment or execution.

Now the strongest opposition leaders are unable to act to obstruct him and those who might have been missed in the first roundup have strong reasons for second guessing any subsequent thoughts of challenges to his authority.

Against that backdrop Erdogan is exploiting the escalating tensions in the already disastrous invasion of Europe, using the “refugees” inside his country as a tool to manipulate both the Turkish people as well as the Europeans. He’s also turning the upcoming referendum on eliminating the position of Prime Minister into a nationalist one. Erdogan’s telling his citizens a vote to make him dictator is the appropriate response to the Europeans not allowing his subversives to agitate on their soil in support of the upcoming referendum. Given the events of the last two years, he was probably shocked that any European would act to keep anyone out of their continent, let alone someone representing the controller of hordes of ready invaders.

He’s brilliantly framing the debate as a choice between siding with the Europeans who just “insulted” him and, by extension all Turks by not allowing his representatives to agitate their local Turkish populations or voting for Turkish “respect” by supporting him in what is essentially a coup over the Turkish people.

On Tuesday Erdogan said in a rally in Ankara that voting ‘yes’ in next month’s referendum on expanding his powers was the appropriate response to what he labeled a “fascist and cruel” Europe. He said, “This Europe, like before World War II, is a racist, fascist, cruel Europe… An anti-Islam and anti-Turkish Europe.”

Of course his effort at expanding his power has nothing to do with Europe aside from their being a convenient target of his “refugee”-based blackmail in collusion with EU globalists. The fact that something is a lie has never prevented politicians from saying it, a fact Americans had reinforced on a daily basis for eight long years.

Erdogan maximized the false “us versus them” rhetoric as a campaign tool, saying, “Give such a response, that those watching us on the screen, those watching us abroad, our citizens, all of Europe, all of the world can hear this.” Now who’s sounding like a World War ll fascist, Recep? No doubt he and Hussein Obama had some very interesting conversations about their visions for the future; how they wanted to “improve” the world.

If he’s successful, the April 16th vote would eliminate the post of prime minister and allow him to remain in power until 2029.

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  1. Turkish People Decide if you want this dictator wannabe Or take back your democracy …Turkey elected a Prime Minister …Who turned out to be a Muslim crazy person fool pissing on everyone. …Putin wants to kick his ass .Threatening Germany with 15,000 terrorists a month Or you Racists!…foolish Europe

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