Showboat Dems Vow To Replace Feds In Paris – Got The $100 Billion Boys?

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Once again Democrats are organizing subversion, pretending they are the ones in power in the White House and defying the President, this time on his decision to withdraw from the Paris Wealth Redistribution and Global Climate Welfare Accord.

New York City Mayor “Red” Bill DeBlasio vowed to issue an executive order “soon” mandating that the city honor the goals of the Paris accord. That will surely come as a relief to the UN bureaucrats who had their eyes on some new office furniture, a limo, maybe a couple of “assistants.” They were probably worried that they might have to curtail their lavish spending with the American extorted funds not flowing. It’s nice of de Blasio and the people of New York to fill that funding gap.

After all, only five or six sentences of the 31 pages deal with temperature or specifics of problems in the environment. The majority of the document deals with the redistribution of United States’ and other developed nations’ treasury contents to other,”undeveloped and small island nations” and their needy government officials. Of course the UN will be collecting the funds and taking their cut, so de Blasio and the generous New Yorkers have a lot of mouths to feed and more than a few driveways to fill.

De Blasio said in a Thursday statement, “On behalf of the people of New York City, and alongside mayors across the country, I am committing to honor the goals of the Paris agreement with an Executive Order in the coming days, so our city can remain a home for generations to come.”

Is it possible de Blasio is just spewing the typical leftist BS?

So without his executive order when does de Blasio expect  New York to stop being  inhabitable, to no longer be a home? What event or situation is it that his order will impact to the extent that it will be the difference in determining whether or not people are able to live in New York? With a miracle solution like that in hand, he should make it available everywhere, share it in the name of that same humanity that drives his desire to confront the President. Or, is it possible de Blasio is just spewing the typical leftist BS? Everyone else who hears the babbling coming out of his mouth knows it’s nothing but Democrat hot air – does he know it too? That would mean he’s lying – would a Democrat public servant actually lie to their constituents? Wait until Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton hear about this. They’ll be stunned.

Surely de Blasio and other Democrats, being the wise politicians that they are, know the true objective of the Paris accord, the collection of money for redistribution. That was a key consideration, along with the compromise of our national sovereignty in President Trump’s decision to pull out of the agreement. Developed countries are expected  contribute $100 billion per year by 2020 through the year 2025, with the amount being increased thereafter. It’s good to know that these Democrat run cities, who are in a state of disrepair and with unmet service needs for their residents, have extra billions laying around for the people of Bangladesh, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uruguay and their often corrupt government officials to play with.

Democrat governors of CA, NY and WA all vowed to meet the Paris goals, which includes donating $100 Billion  Per Year

But de Blasio isn’t the only commie bucking the President in his efforts to act on behalf of the American people. He can expect some help in gathering the cash from the Democrat governors of California, New York and Washington. They have announced the creation of the United States Climate Alliance. Govs. Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo and Jay Inslee all vowed to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Surely they’ve read all thirty one pages so they are well aware of what they’ve gotten themselves into. All they have to do is donate $30 billion annually from the taxpayers of each liberal state, and ten billion from the surplus of New York City. Climate problem solved.

The statement from the defiant Andrew Cuomo of New York stated, “We will not ignore the science and reality of climate change, which is why I am also signing an Executive Order confirming New York’s leadership role in protecting our citizens, our environment, and our planet.” Don’t forget your financial obligation, Andrew – and remember, if you run a little short, just increase the taxes on your residents. They’ve got plenty of money and irregardless, they voted for an idiot like you, so they deserve what they get.

The Jesuit Jerk running California into the ground, Jerry Brown, added his drivel to the mix, saying, “If the President is going to be AWOL in this profoundly important human endeavor, then California and other states will step up.”

Swollen Climate Tick Al Gore is encouraging Americans to send their Money to Him – He’ll see that it’s Spent Properly

Swollen “Climate Tick” Al Gore is taking advantage of the opportunity to feed his coffers as well, encouraging citizens to send their money in to him in support of the “clean energy revolution.” Gore is heavily invested in those supposed “clean energy industries that need the people’s support but until the US gets back into funding his green energy bonanza, he’s going to need financial support. He’s got to buy jet fuel for his appearances decrying the use of fossil fuels. 

Another green energy hypocrite, San Francisco billionaire and Clinton insider Tom Steyer, circulated an email petition on Thursday asking the recipients to “urge your governor to fulfill the commitment your state has already made to meet our Paris targets: Go to 100% renewable energy.” Those windmill powered cars are awesome, aren’t they Tom? That’s what you drive, right?

Steyer’s a multi-billionaire, so he’s surely going to contribute a billion or two per year for a cause he believes so strongly in, supporting the UN and the corrupt third world dictatorships and other nations who declare an entitlement to climate reparations.

Ignoring his unwillingness to put his money where his big mouth is, Steyer merely wrote, “It’s now up to states, cities, and local communities [everybody but him] to pick up the mantle of leadership and take the actions necessary to protect our children and leave them a better world.”  

What does that mean, Steyer, specifically? Sure, you’re a Democrat so specifics are foreign to you, but this is something you “really care about.” Surely a sincere, informed guy like you has an idea or two.


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12 Comments on Showboat Dems Vow To Replace Feds In Paris – Got The $100 Billion Boys?

  1. Last year we replaced County Commissioners here in the Capitol of Washington State as their Commie agenda just got to be too much even here in Western Washington’s Socialist utopia.
    While researching the U.N. Agenda 21 crowd destroying private property rights we found that many of them attended speaking events in the past with guest speakers such as our illustrious Governor Jay Inslee then a Congresscritter.
    I do not doubt his fellow Yahoos in this article are faithful followers of the U.N. Agenda 21/2030 cult.
    I even voted for this shill the first time after his stated commitment to help the legion of homeowners against the unethical bank practices of stealing people’s homes and lands. Not peep out of this clown until this time around when Boobus the brainwashed of the Free Sh_t Army voted him in again?
    Why would HE Inslee disagree with the banks when they are instrumental in helping Inslee & Sons eradicate rural private property rights and do the scheduled stack and pack in the cities around here? This State is a socialist utopia as long as the money holds out. Perhaps it IS time to have ” The Big One ” here on the coast to cleanse these cesspools of debauchery and appalling ignorance that our municipalities have become?

  2. I cain’t breathe. Help me… Trump is ruining the environment and I cain’t breathe no more. My asthma is acting up. And, the CO2 is filling my lungs. HELP Meeeee. I’m gonna effing die. And, it’s all Trump’s fault. Darn.

  3. HowardMacKinnon // June 3, 2017 at 5:52 am // Reply

    Every time I hear the words climate change, my mind wanders off to Solondra.

  4. De Blabio thinks his “executive order will trump Trump’s executive orders now, huh? lmao! If we keep bringing “refugees” into our country, down the road when they can vote, after they become naturalized, this will not be “our” country anymore. If you are a woman who is “liberated” and you live your life as a free spitit, imagine you have to walk 10 feet behind your husband. Or, if you dishonor your family, you can be killed by stoning. Think this is impossible? It’s not. It might be 15 years or more down the road but it will happen one day. IF, any more “refugees” come into this country, they need to be the ones who are truly being persecuted… The Christians that are being beheaded for not converting to Islam.

  5. When notified of The Donald’s’s unruly behavior, Algore, who was at the Bay of Fundy fine tuning his newly perfected device for controlling those troublesome 50+ foot tides, announced that he and his team of crack scientists led by Bill Nye, will depart sometime Monday to the sun to install his recently developed Sunspot Containment And Management Unit (SCAMU).
    Those fans of Algore who might be worried about his safety were reassured to know that he will be going at night! Maybe Mayor DeBlabio will join him on the trip?


  7. We all know what idiots the left are so why pay any attention to their drivel? It wouldn’t matter if the President said the earth is round, the leftists would say he was wrong. Nothing the President does will be thought of as right by them so why give them headlines and acknowledgement of their being? The best way to manage a bratty child is to ignore them and only respond when they do something right. In that way they learn how to be better. Good gets rewarded, bad gets ignored. Let’s start hearing only about the good the President and others of common sense minds are doing and saying and ignore all the insane.

    • my parenting often involves putting an immediate end to the bratty behavior, joan, but we’re all different

      • We used to, but now a days, the spanking is not PC, or so I’m told. Could hurt their little ids. How would you put an immediate stop to these leftist spoiled brat crybabies?

        • usually I don’t resort to spanking, and I’ve got a four year old at home, I show her that she’s acting like an idiot and she understands. She’s obviously not going to grow up to be a Democrat. As for stopping the leftists, quit indulging them and rewarding their tantrums and that means, removing judges. That’s the mechanism that they should be looking at, and get control of the bureaucracy. It’s not simple but encouraging bad behavior has predictable results.

  8. Everything these globalist bunch of coconuts do serves to exposes their ‘climate’ scam even clearer to more people. Asylums are filled with patients saner than these guys are!

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