“Shifty” Schiff – Stop Chairman Nunes Before He Discovers What Dems Have Been Up To

shifty adam schiff


Congressman and pencil-necked partisan hack Adam “Shifty” Schiff made a propaganda presentation on “Face The Nation” Sunday, continuing his mission to beat the speculative smear drum and fabricate collusion where none exists in order to discredit and damage the President.

The Democrat worm contends that there are perfectly appropriate instances to unmask the names of people. He says it’s done quite often, presenting it as much ado about nothing, provided it was done appropriately. He doesn’t bother delving into how appropriately is defined, the quantity of names unmasked or the widespread dissemination of those conversations by the Obama regime. There are multiple indicators that significant portions of the surveillance was conducted in an inappropriate manner.

Instead Schiff goes immediately into his whiny Democrat mode, saying none of us have seen what the Chairman is talking about. Maybe it’s none of your damn business, Shifty. Maybe your fingerprints, or those of Pelosi and Obama are all over it and that’s what has you so desperate for more information as well as being the motivation for your incessant calls for a select commission. Perhaps it’s the kind of thing you’d send a messenger straight to Tahiti, to Obama’s secret island lair, to tip him off as to what’s going on back in the States. Better lay low, Barry, they’re on to you.

No, you can stick to your fake Russia accusations until you’ve run out of ways to fabricate them into any further illegitimate life extensions. There’s no need for you be involved in what, as your fellow committee member Trey Gowdy depicted, is the right and duty of the Intelligence Committee Chairman to inform the Commander-in-Chief of an important issue.

We peasants don’t know what it is Shifty, and we’re much more trustworthy, despite your clearance, with the information that you are. Your communist party-lite, aka Democrat Party, membership should be an automatic disqualifier.

The loathsome Democrat implies that he’s entitled to screen all of the President’s interactions because Hillary Clinton made some false claims and the administration allowed themselves to be buffaloed into investigating them. You aren’t the President, Schiff, and you don’t decide what he gets to be told or doesn’t nor is he required to include you in the loop.

Schiff states that the only reason the hearings with Clapper, Brennan and Yates could have possibly been cancelled is because the administration didn’t want things coming out, although the stated reason, that the public hearings accomplished little and the real digging for information with Comey and Rogers will take place in closed session makes perfect sense and it also lines up with what Rep Trey Gowdy stated. Once those hearings have been conducted the others could be done in an informed, rather than an uninformed manner. Again, as always, the Democrat Schiff is trying to place nefarious suspicion into completely appropriate actions, typical of the smear-mongering Democrats.

After taking another couple of cheap shots at Chairman Nunes, Shifty Schiff says pledges to do “everything he can” to restore integrity to the process. Clearly, he’s already at an integrity deficit so that is an empty statement. He follows up by once again calling for the proceedings to be removed from the purview of Chairman Nunes. He’s getting too close, things are heating up and evidence of Democrat corruption is leaking out all over the place. They need a select committee, one they select to guarantee a cover up, in the tradition of the 9/11 or Warren Commissions. Otherwise there could be a lot of DC Democrats in federal prison, where they belong.

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