Shifty Schiff – OK Obama Had CIA, DNI Establish Russia Lies, Don’t Ask FBI To Refute Them

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This weasel, Rep Adam “Shifty” Schiff, is suffering from a serious lack of objectivity, hypocrisy and acceptance of a double standard. Then again, as an agent of those who are engaged in an effort and plot to overthrow the United States government, true objectivity would make fulfilling his mission impossible. So would honesty, but he’s a Democrat, that’s not an issue.

The latest story the fake news media is constructing out of thin air in their war on the Trump administration is one in which the fact that the New York Times lied about the whole Russia spying and hacking thing on behalf of the Democrats is being ignored. Instead, the President and his team are being vilified for asking that those with knowledge that the New York Times and other fake news outlets are spreading lies speak out to set the record straight. Telling the truth, in Washington DC is an offense that is to be punished. Lies on behalf of the corrupt Democrats are perfectly acceptable.

In his statement, the sleaze ball Schiff said, “I want to say that in my opinion, for the White House to be seeking help from the intelligence leadership, either at CIA, FBI or elsewhere to knock down stories it doesn’t like is completely inappropriate and threatens the independence of those agencies and threatens their investigation.”

Schiff isn’t characterizing those stories correctly, it’s not a matter of simply not liking them, as the treasonous snake well knows. They’re attacks by the Democrats, false stories planted by them and promulgated by their mainstream media propagandists. They’re not legitimate stories, they’re fabrications promoted by the united liberal opposition as a component in the multi-pronged attack on the President. If they were just stories and factual, Schiff might even have a point.

It’s odd that Shifty wasn’t concerned with Loretta Lynch’s private meeting with Bill Clinton having an impact on the investigation into the criminal activities of his party’s candidate for president. That was a situation in which there was actual real evidence of a crime, mountains of it, and pressure was exerted on Comey by his superior following the meeting. His immediate decision to recommend against prosecution was a signal that he was being pressured, that it was a direct result of the meeting and administration arm twisting. But that got Schiff’s candidate off the hook, so he saw nothing inappropriate, all is forgotten.

The self-righteous rodent continues, saying, “If indeed Mr. McCabe had conversations with White House officials about whether allegations in the press were accurate about the nature of the investigation, that is not appropriate. If the CIA Director was tasked to call reporters on background and knock down stories that’s even more inappropriate and threatens the independence of that agency and any investigation that that agency may be undertaking in terms of counterintelligence.”

But if, as Hussein Obama did, the ‘president’ calls upon the CIA to hurriedly throw together a report in two weeks, shortly before he leaves office so that they can make an unsubstantiated and totally subjective determination. And if they state that their “gut feeling” tells them the Russians were involved in manipulating the election, absent any evidence, and the CIA Director and DNI, both Obama toadies, sign off on it, there’s nothing inappropriate in that. They’re pretending to be objective and throwing window dressing up in the perpetration of a fraud upon the American people and their political opposition. Schiff is fine with that. Democrats had to get the ball rolling somehow.

In the course of all of this nonsense, did everyone forget that Hillary Clinton is a traitor guilty of espionage? Are they all just too distracted with fending off baseless attacks to get around to the people’s business? Maybe if AG Sessions convened grand juries now, one each for Obama, Clinton and Soros, the energy for these unsubstantiated attacks might be forced elsewhere. After all, it was her sloppiness with records and secret documents that created both situations. Let her keep busy explaining herself for a while, and Obama for being a foreign agent usurping our White House, and Soros for treason.

Show the fake Russia stuff for the distraction that it is and silence Schiff and the rest of these rats. Drain the swamp.


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3 Comments on Shifty Schiff – OK Obama Had CIA, DNI Establish Russia Lies, Don’t Ask FBI To Refute Them

  1. These people need to be tried for their many crimes, hey Schiff, how’s your pedo addiction?

  2. It might be best to have Sessions focus on Pizzagate first. That will get a lot of filth out of the way, including the Clintons. Then, he’ll have a clear path to go after the muslim and Soros. I rue the day that I would have to try to keep track of all these cases simultaneously. Better to string them out as long as possible.

    Speaking of Pizzagate, has anyone noticed how quiet things are over in the Graham/McCain corner recently?

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // February 28, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply

    The demonrats need to be eliminated; become extinct forever. Sorry ass communist.

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