Sheriff David Clarke Considered For DHS To Help Trump, Kelly Clean Up Obama Mess

sheriff david clarke


Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is reportedly under consideration for a position with the Department of Homeland Security, that of Assistant Secretary at the DHS Office of Partnership and Engagement. That office coordinates interaction and outreach to state, local and tribal officials and law enforcement. Clarke has often said he’d serve if called upon and met with President Trump in Trump Tower last November. He spoke at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

With the pace of the confirmation process thus far under the obstructionist stunts of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer being just beyond that of standing still, it’s fortunate that no Senate confirmation is required for the position. One senior administration official cautioned it’s “not a done deal yet,” and there will likely be an effort by Democrats to derail the high-profile supporter of President Trump.  

Given the fact that Democrats have squandered what little credibility they had in the beginning of the Trump administration through their “obstruct everything” course of action, the possibility is strong that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the immoral anti-American parasites would simply be met with instructions from the White House to just “go pound sand.”

They may attempt to attack Sheriff Clarke over the 2016 dehydration death of an inmate in his jail who had been denied water for seven days. Clarke hasn’t said a lot on the subject, but he did respond to the calls for Governor Walker to remove him which were being advanced by a pro-illegal alien group, a natural enemy for the outspoken lawman.

Sheriff Clarke wrote that the group, Voces de la Frontera, is a “pro-criminal illegal immigration movement.” He noted, “They couldn’t beat at the ballot box so they are resorting to asking the governor to undo an election that was will of the people. This is what scummy people and organizations do.”

In March, in response to a lawsuit filed by the inmate’s family against Sheriff Clarke, the public servant sent a statement to the Associated Press, which read,  in part, “I have nearly 1000 inmates. I don’t know all their names but is this the guy who was in custody for shooting up the Potawatomi Casino, causing one man to be hit by gunfire, while in possession of a firearm by a career convicted felon?” He added, “The media never reports that in stories about him. If that is him, then at least I know who you are talking about.”

Additionally, the left will likely attack for an NRA trip that Sheriff Clarke took to Russia, their perfect catchall nemesis for any political situation, in which he and others in the group met with Dmitry Rogozin, one of Vladimir Putin’s deputies. We’re not interested in their contrived outrage, Mr President. We’re concerned about the illegal aliens who are killing Americans, clogging up our roads and social welfare systems, and taking over our country. That’s what Clarke can help fix, that’s what’s important.

Just based upon those two incidents alone, Clarke seems like the perfect man for the job. But he offers much more. He also is well aware that you’ll never please the left and they can’t be reasoned with because they don’t want resolution. They seed turmoil as their medium of change. Hopefully President Trump has arrived at that same conclusion during his first 100 days of trying unsuccessfully to deal with them and will simply go with the best person for the job.

Sheriff Clarke would be a great choice no matter where they put him but a spot as an intermediary on behalf of DHS plays directly to his strengths. He’s long been a vocal opponent of the lawlessness of the Obama regime, particularly as it relates to the border and their subversion against the enforcement of immigration laws. There’s no  better choice to help clean up the mess Obama and his comrades left behind.


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  1. Sheriff Clarke is the most logical choice and the best for that job!

  2. Does U-Haul permit their trailers and vehicles to cross the border into Mexico? Doubtful!

  3. Deplorable Doctor // April 29, 2017 at 7:31 pm // Reply

    Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin is one wise & understanding man!

  4. With Sheriff Clarke at DHS buy U-Haul stock cause a lot of people will by moving.

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