Sheriff Clarke – “Do-Nothing Congress” Behind Open Borders, Drug Trafficking

sheriff david clarke


Sheriff David Clarke offers up his take on a statement by the oddest of ducks, who is currently the FBI Director, James Comey. Comey said, “Mexican drug traffickers have gotten into the heroin business. Have shortened the transportation lines by bringing heroin from South America, Central America to Mexico, packaging it and then bringing it to the United States.” Lou Dobbs observes, “It sounds as if, and I know it can’t be, it sounds as if the FBI has just figured that out.”

Clarke agrees, “Well, yeah, sounds like a little late to the party. President Trump understands the seriousness of it. DHS Secretary John Kelly understands the seriousness of it, they have a sense of urgency about it. The Congress doesn’t seem to, they seem to be dragging their feet.”

Sheriff Clarke says, “Look, Lou, the southern border is a sieve. They’re going to have to seal that damn border for domestic security issues, national security issues. The heroin, the drug cartels operating freely across the border is a domestic security issue. But if you don’t seal the border it doesn’t matter how many, President Trump understands this as does Secretary Kelly, it doesn’t matter how many people you deport, they’re going to find their way back in.”

He continues, “So one of the sources of this stuff getting into the country, and we have an opiate, opiod epidemic in this country, it’s at a crisis level. People are dying every day, American citizens are dying every day. And so there has to be a renewed sense of urgency about stemming the tide. This has gone on for too long, obviously.”

“We’re also going to have to look at the way some of these pain killers are dispensed by American doctors,” says Sheriff Clarke, “how freely this stuff is given out. So there’s a number of things that have to be done but it has to start with sealing the border and short of doing that, you know, you’re kind of just spitting into the wind.”

Dobbs points out that President Trump is the first and only leader in our hemisphere to vow to fight the cartels, calling that reality astounding. Clarke agrees, saying, “It really is but, you know, he is going to get this done.” He’s glad that President Trump put retired General Kelly in charge of DHS. But the problem as Clarke sees it is the Congress.

Clarke says, “They’ve been fooling around with this for the last thirty years, tip-toeing around the issue, making believe that they’re doing something. The former ‘president’ of the United States, Barack Obama, kept telling us that the southern border is secure, it is not secure. So the sooner we get down to business here the better off this country’s going to be.”

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  1. There’s a lot of money in the drug business and too many of our electeds are lining their pockets with the rewards for their hard fought efforts to keep the supply flowing. I know you can name them.

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