Sheriff Clarke – A Lawless Decade Made Enforcing The Law As It’s Written Controversial

sheriff david clarke


Sheriff David Clarke joined Maria Bartiromo on the morning after his closing speech to CPAC. He started off with an explanation of his challenge to the CPAC audience when he urged them to “go forth to stand and fight.” He says his words were in recognition of the fact that “we’re at a crossroads in this country right now, we have a new administration and we finally have some push back against this lawlessness and this chaos that’s gone on, probably for the last decade.”

Clarke continues, “And so this country will now define itself, probably for the next generation.” He notes how his speech was a reminder of patriot victories of the past and how people had to fight and die in order to achieve them and for the freedom of future generations. He says, “And so I think we’re at that right now and I wanted to give people again, a reminder of what it took. It took a fight, it took a struggle, it wasn’t easy then and it’s not going to be easy now.”

Bartiromo says she’s mystified how the simple act of following the rule of law could be considered controversial. Clarke says he was hoping she’d be able to help him out because he’s just as lost as she is, that enforcing the rule of law, the bedrock of our Constitution, the bedrock of freedom and liberty, is now controversial.

He says, “I thought to myself, just because prior administrations, for a long time, and it’s transcended political parties, weren’t enforcing our borders, weren’t protecting our borders, weren’t enforcing the immigration statutes on the books. Now all of a sudden President Trump comes along and he’s told us what he was going to do, with existing law, he didn’t make any new law. Now all of a sudden that becomes controversial.”

“Just because it wasn’t enforced,” says Clarke, “our borders and our immigration laws for the last three decades, doesn’t mean that President Donald Trump is obligated to follow that. He’s not, he’s getting back to the rule of law. And the illegal immigration is a crisis in this country. Most of the people in Washington don’t want to touch it, it’s kind of like that third rail. But President Trump decided and has told us he’s going to lead this country, he’s going to get his arms around this thing, even though he knows it’s going to come with that struggle.”

Clarke recognizes it as a crisis that has to be rectified and cites numerous reasons why that is the case. He acknowledges that the courts may ultimately have the final say in the debate over the constitutionality of the president’s efforts to protect the people through the constitutional methods he’s employed. He states, “I don’t like the fact that the courts are intruding on the executive branch and taking over national security, which is the purview of the executive. It is the President of the United States that takes the oath to defend the United States against foreign threats. Not the courts.”

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