Sheriff Clarke – Lack Of Response Encourages Agitators, First Violent Act You Shut It Down

sheriff clarke


Sheriff David Clarke addresses yet another situation in which the Soros agitation machine is stirring up or paying the local thuggery to be violent and disruptive. This time it’s happening in Philadelphia. Sheriff Clarke speaks to the concern that this type of nonsense will be happening for the next four years. He says, “Not if we take a more assertive stance against this sort of thing.”

Clarke reminds the audience, “I’m not talking about the officers on the street. I’m talking about the orders that they’re getting from police executives who have this ‘hold the line,’ this ‘bend but don’t break.’ We saw it at Cal, this stuff is disastrous, it’s going to get cops hurt, it’s going to get cops killed.”

He says, “I want to see the cops advancing on the situation. And as soon as the first fire is started, as soon as the first brick or rock or battery is thrown at an officer or vandalism starts to occur, I want to see police advancing and dispersing the crowd. It is unreasonable for us to determine who are the peaceful protesters versus the resisters. This is a resistance movement, that’s all this is.”

Clarke says, “The protest under the First Amendment people accept the underlying premise that the government has the legal authority to do what they’re doing but they think it’s the wrong policy to pursue. Under resistance they try to block the government’s lawful to carry out the policies that have been set forth by either Congress or the courts or the President of the United States.”

He’s asked why the police aren’t already taking a stronger stance. Clarke clarifies, “This doesn’t come from the rank and file officers. These orders don’t come from front line officers. They come from the police administrators in some of these cities, not all of them but most of them, they’re under the orders of the mayor to hold the line, to sit on their hands, so on and so forth.”

Clarke warns, “You cannot put cops in this dangerous situation without the ability to be successful in a mission and part of that mission is  the protection of life and property, including their own.” Clarke cites an example from his own jurisdiction of Milwaukee County last week. “Thousands of people showed up. We were ready.” He notes that at the first sign of they were going to disperse the crowd, his deputies had authorization to use teargas, rubber bullets and bean bags.

He says, “Once the confrontation, not the protest itself, not the demonstration itself, but as soon as one person, and it’s unreasonable for me in a crowd of thousands to pick out who that one person was that threw that rock or who set that fire, so everybody has to be dispersed.”

A few instances of that with legitimate protests and they’ll police themselves. For the illegitimate ones, the problem doesn’t continue beyond how long it takes to recognize it and clear folks out.

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5 Comments on Sheriff Clarke – Lack Of Response Encourages Agitators, First Violent Act You Shut It Down

  1. I sure would like to see Sheriff Clarke head up a WH task force to bring law and order to our cities. As I heard one person say, like the “Untouchables”, and shut them down once and for all.

  2. The mayor controls the police commissioner, who control the chief of police – stand down orders come from the top – the moronic leftist ideologue in charge, voted in by the moronic citizenry.

  3. Sheriff Clark is right. There is no need for political correctness anymore so the mayors and others who give the orders need to take their cities back from the rioters. Tell their officers to do their job, not sit on their hands. They start doing this and the agitators will have to stop or go to jail. They also need to go after those who pay for these agitators.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // February 19, 2017 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    I agree with what he’s saying, but it really bothers me that he’s pushing a Constitutional Convention, and there’s no way to write to the guy to make him understand how dangerous that is and that Soros and his minions have been pushing for one right along with the ignorant neo-cons

  5. Sheriff David Clarke for what ever office will do the most good in Trumps org.

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