Sheriff Clarke – Honoring ICE Detainer Would Have Prevented Rape Of 14-Yr-Old MD Girl

sheriff david clarke


In addressing the deliberate implementation of illegal sanctuary city policies, Sheriff David Clarke describes what angers him most is the fact that the crimes, deadly and vicious as they often are, committed by illegal aliens are often completely avoidable. They take place because of the collusion and corruption of local city governments and law enforcement agencies which make a conscious choice to release the perpetrators back out onto our streets.

He says that ICE officials aren’t asking for much, specifically the honoring of a detainer request by ICE which would allow them to get the paperwork prepared for a transfer of custody for inmates that they are about to release.

He says, “I heard about that rape case of that young 14-year-old girl, these subhuman creeps. And the thing that really angered me was one of those guys was out awaiting a deportation hearing. That’s why I said these anti-detainer policies. We don’t need to change the law. We’re not asking local officials, ICE anyway, is not asking local officials to enforce immigration. They’re just talking, asking them to honor a detainer, a lawful piece of paper that says ‘hold on to this individual until we can get the deportation scheduled.'”

Clarke says, “These things are killing communities, they’re killing cities, it has obviously become a haven for criminal activity, these sanctuary cities. This is going to come to an end. I thank God every day since the November election that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. We are going to get our arms around this thing. I’ve made it clear I’m going to help him. I’ve made the application to participate in the 287 G program.”

“But even before that,” says Clarke, “up to this time, through the Obama years, when he suspended the 287 G,  I have still been working with ICE and when ICE has given me a detainer for the last eight years under Obama, I have honored that detainer. These guys are career criminals. You put them back out, you mentioned Kate Steinle, only to go out and revictimize [sic] other people.”

Clarke says, “I don’t know how any law enforcement official or public official, a mayor or governor, can sit back with a straight face and say our communities are stronger because of illegal immigration. These two moms that you just talked to, their state failed them, their local community failed them. But we’re going to do everything that we can to make sure not too many more people have to go through what they’re suffering right now.”

These are the two mothers that Sheriff Clarke was referencing whose children were killed by illegal aliens, Laura Wilkerson and Sabine Durden.

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