Sheriff Clarke Given Position To Make America Safe Again At DHS

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There’s probably no better man for the job as liaison between DHS and state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies than Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, WI. Fortunately, it appears that he has been given that assignment and it has been accepted.

Clarke made the announcement in an interview with WISN-AM talk radio host Vicki McKenna, , who built a following among conservatives with his provocative social media presence and strong support of Donald Trump, said Wednesday that he’s taken a job as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, in the Office of Partnership and Engagement. He will begin his new job next month.

Clarke said he is “both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position.” Clarke has been a staunch supporter of President Trump and his common sense policies towards law enforcement, particularly in areas of illegal immigration, as well as being an outspoken critic of the radical antagonists of the left, including Black Lives Matter, the AntiFa fascists and other Soros-funded and organized anti-American radicals.

Sheriff Clarke is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, who is a frequent speaker at NRA and Republican events, although he was elected Sheriff as a Democrat. In direct conflict with the Obama and Soros police vilification movement, Clarke stood up for Blue Lives Matter, stated that all lives matter, including those of police officers, called attention to the Obama “war on cops,” and their anti-American globalist agenda. He also cut through their cloud of disinformation, often stating, “Stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto.” He was a frequent critic of the Democrats for creating those ghettos through decades of political malfeasance.

As an illustration of just how perfect he is for the position, it’s worth noting the nature and voracity of his opposition. Juliette Kayyem, assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs at DHS under the pretend ‘president’ Hussein Obama, tweeted that she was “floored” that Sheriff Clarke could would be taking her old job. She wrote, “For those of you I’m just meeting, Clarke is taking my old position under Obama. I am floored. And feel for my career staff.” If they’re libtards like her, they should start sending out resumes now. They had no business ever being at DHS in the first place and certainly won’t last under Clarke.

Most telling was a tweet from rabble-rousing, radical anti-American riot instigator and Obama agitator Deray Mckesson who wrote, in his own way, on Twitter that Clarke was the perfect man for the job, saying:

Yep, perfect.


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4 Comments on Sheriff Clarke Given Position To Make America Safe Again At DHS

  1. It’s about time new blood is in an office where law is supposed to matter. If “Decay” doesn’t care for this pick, then he’s good in my book! I’m hoping Trey Gowdy is putting in a higher office that will shake some trees. The Sheriff and Gowdy would do nothing but bolster this administration, in my opinion.

  2. Sheriff Clarke will do very well in his new position. (Just think if he had been appointed to lead the Border Patrol or ICE.)

    It’s great when leftists’ hair goes ablaze when someone who understands and respects the law (and the rule of law) is installed in a position of authority…and they actually uphold the law. Clarke’s predecessor, Juliette Kayyem, is just another one of Obama’s leftover “swamp denizens” who’s obsessed with hate for all things conservative. So, let’s just say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!” (Cut to the sad violins.)

  3. Another good step towards draining the swamp. I’m glad to see the Sheriff on the Trump team. Hopefully a lot of the snakes and lizards will quickly leave so he doesn’t have to fire them.

    • Let’s hope they do leave voluntarily, David. I’d love to see them fleeing like rats from the sinking socialist ship of state. (But, it’s really too bad that “Captain Obama” won’t go down with it.)

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