Sheriff Clarke Applauds Texas Sanctuary Law As Blueprint For States To Join In Fight

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Sheriff David Clarke gives his perspective on the bill recently signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which outlaws sanctuary cities in that state. In a video clip played before Clarke is introduced, Abbott says he was proud to sign the bill into law, prohibiting any governmental body in his state from adopting any policy which provides sanctuary. He added that “it means that law enforcement officials, such as sheriffs, are going to be required to comply with ICE detainer requests.”

Abbott asks, “Isn’t this quasi-insane that we have to pass a law to force law enforcement officers to comply with the law?” Sheriff Clarke concurs, opening with a proclamation of “God bless Texas – good for Governor Abbott. You know I read this bill this afternoon, it’s got teeth in it, that’s what I like. Starting September 1st it compels law enforcement agencies and other public to assist and cooperate and share information that they have with immigration and customs enforcement.”

Clarke continues, “Look Liz, you know as well as I do that successful law enforcement in the United States is predicated upon local, state and federal officers working together, sharing information in the pursuit of justice.” Clarke expresses a feeling shared by most American patriots, saying, “I don’t really care what Mexico thinks about this, I care about the rule of law here in the United States. Like I said, this thing has teeth. It calls for fines, it calls for jail time of law enforcement officials that don’t comply and even up to removal from office of elected officials who continue to thumb their nose at the rule of law.”

He notes, “There are 32 states in the United States that have a GOP governor and the GOP controls the two bodies of the legislature. I would implore them to follow suit here, to assist the federal government. This makes it easier for the federal government because they don’t have the authority to force states and local officials to cooperate, but the states should take it upon themselves to do that and so, the blueprint is there.”

He notes that California is a lost cause, a situation that is true now but may change once the violent and other criminals determine that it’s time to leave Texas and other states for the sanctuary and protection afforded them in the Golden State. Who knows, maybe a mega dose of reality, in the form of increases in criminal activity could prove to be too much even for the “tolerant” west coast liberals to put up with.

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  1. TONYA PARNELL // May 9, 2017 at 1:57 pm // Reply

    Hooray for Sheriff Clarke

  2. See there are no dumb asses in Texas.

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