Sheila Jackson Lee Out-Smarted and Out Gunned By OMB Director Mulvaney

sheila jackson lee


Sheila Jackson Lee has only one tool in her race-baiting bully tool kit, a hammer, a black one engraved with “you are a privileged racist” with which she attempts to bludgeon her smarter, better informed and more nimble opponents. When engaging OMB Director Mick Mulvaney in the future, Lee might want to consider getting a larger hammer, or backing off on the unrelenting aggression and nastiness. All she does is embarrass herself and the fools in Houston who keep electing her.

She questions Mulvaney about in 2018 budget hearings regaring comments he made saying taxpayers shouldn’t take care of people who sit home, eat poorly and get diabetes, twisting his words into a question as to whether or not he supports a health care plan that differentiates between the deserving ill and the undeserving ill in deciding “who can get federal support and how much.” That’s a great idea, Lee, if he isn’t suggesting it he certainly should be.

She asks if that’s why Mulvaney has “the audacity to cut $880 billion dollars out. She asks if it’s reasonable to assume the budget includes a $1.4 trillion dollars in cuts to Medicaid. A quick rule of thumb, Lee, if it’s something you assume, you can be sure it’s not reasonable.

She gives him a list of questions, probably not expecting him to be able to respond to each one. Again, she’s got only that one tool and it’s about to become evident it’s not nearly enough. She adds a political accusation to the end, saying, “Are you betraying those who voted for Trump looking for a lifeline [Clinton parasites who didn’t vote for Trump] and are you betraying the American people?”

Possibly not noticing the pink soap dish doily pinned to her lapel like one of those sex-identification headbands for newborns, Mulvaney responds to Jackson Lee, saying, “Thank you Congressman, in reverse order, are we betraying the American people? No, in fact we believe that giving them a 3 percent growth is giving them exactly what they wanted when they elected this President.”

He continues, “Is it true or untrue to state we cut $1.4 billion dollars from Medicaid, that is untrue for the reason I have stated earlier. Regarding my statement last week on diabetes, I was speaking at a health care conference and what I was trying to do is draw between type one and type two diabetes.”

Jackson Lee raises her hammer, asking, “But you did say it.” Mulvaney replies, “Again, I’m trying to put my comments into context, maam, I’m aware of the difference between type one and type two diabetes.” Apparently unable to trap him on the question in the manner she had intended, Jackson Lee, interjects, “but you’re not a doctor, either, as if only doctors could prepare an OMB budget.

Mulvaney responds to the condescending, arrogant Neanderthal, saying, “I am not a doctor, are you?” Apparently she’s not either, as she then dives into the customary Democrat anecdotal safety net, saying, “I know diabetes, it’s in my family, it’s in my community and it’s particularly impacts [sic] African Americans and we will be devastated by this budget along with working American families.” Upon that logic she’s personally enlightened those groups, including her family members, with an understanding of mental illness and being in a job one is completely unqualified for.

Why does she treat African Americans as being a group separate from working Americans when many black Americans are hard working people with families? Oh yeah, the inscription on the side of the hammer requires that race be brought into every discussion at every possible opportunity.

When Lee gets that bigger hammer she so desperately needs, she should go for a bigger font for the racism accusations inscripted on the side as well. A Congressman like her, shouldn’t be required to think.

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4 Comments on Sheila Jackson Lee Out-Smarted and Out Gunned By OMB Director Mulvaney

  1. I believe that you are mistaken. Rep. Jackson-Lee’s passion is health care. Opinion mongers who indulge in ad hominem attacks are admitting that they have no rational nor realistic argument against the facts presented, and so descend into insult.

    • I believe you are mistaken, he passion is obviously twinkies, lots and lots of twinkies – and she is an insult to the people of Texas, a mindless, race-baiting piece of hypocritical Democrat trash.

  2. How on earth did this nincompoop get a law license?

  3. TONYA PARNELL // May 26, 2017 at 4:15 pm // Reply


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