Sharpton Playing His Favorite Card Again – And Making Up New Rights

al sharpton

What many of these skin color opportunists and lobbyists are unwilling to recognize is that there is a proper place and time for most things. Not everything is or should be considered appropriate in all situations.

They attempt to blanket the inappropriate actions that they support in a presumption of a “right” to do it that may or may not exist even exist. That’s what snake oil and hair grease salesman Al Sharpton is doing in this instance.

Just like the NAACP tried and failed to get Colin Kaepernick a job in the NFL following his shameful and disruptive anti-American behavior, Sharpton is making threats about this nobody ESPN bobble-head who likely wouldn’t even have a job were it not for federal guidelines placing less qualified people into positions that the free market would see given to others.

The parasite in the blue suit says, “The reason why we’re saying it from a civil rights point of view is you’re robbing a person of their right to express their views and firing them based on the encouragement of an office that nominates the FCC that regulates ESPN.”

No, Sharpton, the reason you’re saying it from a civil rights point of view is because that’s your fortune cookie. That’s how you get your feeding tube inserted into your unfortunate victim, your means of making outrageous claims and getting paid to just go away.

There is no inherent right to express your views in the workplace, particularly when doing so would reflect negatively on your employer. A cocktail waitress couldn’t expect to hand out AA contact numbers with their cocktails without being called to account for it upon discovery. It’s fine to do on their personal time but not when they’re are accepting a wage and representing the company.

ESPN is a dying network because of their political activism, so for those who are still tuned in and haven’t cut the cord to keep revenue from flowing to them, let the skin color-obsessed woman stay there and keep running her mouth. Some people need just a little more incentive to make the break.

And one more point for the greasy Al, that guy who occupied the White House for eight long miserable years got away with never proving who or what he was. That doesn’t mean he’s an American, it just means he was well connected and placed by powerful people. It’s the same principle as your being on MSNBC doesn’t mean you’re a journalist or worth listening to.

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