Shaffer, Thor – KOREA Today Is IRAN Tomorrow – RICE, RHODES Zip It, Let TRUMP FIX It

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In a discussion over the elevating tensions created by North Korean aggression, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is asked about the decision by China to remain neutral should Pyongyang strike first. He says, “It’s very significant because obviously we’re where we’re at partly because they created the situation, they have enabled N Korea to become what it is.”

Having stressed its importance, Shaffer doesn’t think it goes far enough. He points out that “The Chinese, as much as the South Koreans, would suffer badly, gravely from any sort of military conflict. So it’s in their interest to not simply take a side but do something to help.”

He also points out other enemies the Chinese have, who have been targets of their aggression, Vietnam, The Philippines, and India, saying, “There could be secondary effects that China has not really calculated.

Brad Thor, a former member of the DHS red cell unit, says, “This is the fault, we are where we are now because of kicking the can down the road. Jimmy Carter kicked the can, in fact, Carter shived President Clinton in his going around Clinton and doing things he shouldn’t have done with North Koreans.”

Thor continues, “But this HW Bush, W Bush and Barack Obama, they have all kicked it and we’re at the point where you can’t kick it anymore and I think people really need to get behind the President and give him a lot of support in dealing with this because he’s been left with very few options.”

Shaffer says he’s been working this issue since 1992 and actually walked the ground in Seoul in 1993 and ’94 when we first had concerns about the nuclear program, or “nucular,” as Shaffer pronounces it. He says they already were known to have 5 nuclear weapons in 1994. He believes “parts of the intelligence community have way underestimated where he’s at.”

He says you have to assume the worst and hope for the best in situations like this, noting the threat potential of Kim handing off a weapon to terrorists as well.  Dana Perino asks Thor about a tweet from Obama propagandist and henchman Ben Rhodes in which he opined, “This is a key point. Any chance of a deal with DPRK goes out the window if Trump cancels a nuclear deal that Iran is complying with.”

Thor believes what we’re looking at now with North Korea is the Iran Deal in essence, cautioning that we should address one thing at a time and Rhodes should not be addressing anything. He, Obama and Susan Rice helped get us into this mess.

As Shaffer nod in agreement he says, “I really think Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice and anybody else in the Obama administration ought to take a big step back and quiet down for a little bit and let the current administration handle this crisis.” He reveals “The Obama administration in 2013 was the informed by the Defense Intelligence Agency that the North Koreans had miniaturized nukes and were able to get them on top of ICBMs.”

He says, “For Ben Rhodes to come out and start talking about Iran, this is what’s going to happen in Iran. So what’s happening in North Korea, this is the exact same thing we’re going to see in Iran, where the IAEA can’t get into military sites where they’re going to be doing the hardcore development of their nuke program. So that’s a problem. So Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, they all ought to zip it and stay out of this. Leave it to the Trump administration, they’ll do the right thing.”


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