Shaffer, Furman – 3 Clues Need Close Attention In Las Vegas Investigation

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Tony Shaffer and Mark Furman join Martha MacCallum to discuss the evolution of the case surrounding the massacre in Las Vegas. Shaffer notes there are three clues that Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo has put out there which he believes we need to pay very close attention to.

The radicalization statement of a couple of days ago, a “spontaneous utterance” about this issue, has not been resolved or addressed. He says that secondly, “they’ve announced a global investigation now ongoing for people who may have been involved and helped him.”

Shaffer says, “That talks about a network, that means there’s something, either a criminal network or a terror network, but there’s something else there. And third, to the other point of the fact now that they’ve clearly said, there’s evidence, and they know more than they’re saying for obvious reasons.”

He continues, “They don’t want to give away any leads they’re trying to work, other people were probably involved, at least helping him, possibly even in the room that night. And we just don’t know what happened because it took SWAT an hour, from the initial notification to break that door down. A lot of things can happen in that hour of missing time.”

MacCallum asks Furman about the possibility that he had a getaway plan, bringing up the issue of the $100,000 he sent to the Philippines might not being intended for what the girlfriend claims. Furman says it’s possible that he had a getaway bag positioned near a door and that may be an indication.

He says, “But when you look at this scene, 23 firearms, 12 assault rifles, 12 bump-fire stocks, all this ammunition. You know, by himself, could it be possible, absolutely. Did they find some kind of unknown fingerprints, DNA or trace evidence on some of the rifles or someplace in the room that he had contact with that they can’t identify, quite possibly.”

Shaffer says he has information that there is some video of Paddock inside the room which he says talks to the motivation issue. They discuss the target selection of this event at Mandalay Bay as well as explosives in the car and whether he planned to use it as a bomb as well. There’s also another woman he was spending time with prior to the event, under the watchful eye of casino cameras.

Was she the woman who told people at the concert they were all going to die less than an hour before the shooting started?


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4 Comments on Shaffer, Furman – 3 Clues Need Close Attention In Las Vegas Investigation

  1. I also read that Paddock was an undercover agent, not sure who for. Supposedly, he was found out and shot before the rest of the shooting started. Then they left his body to “take the fall.” Then mass shootings and ISIS left with “most of” the weapons before cops showed up. That would explain a few things, jumble up a bunch of other things. So where are the ISIS people with the extra guns? (Have to put on my aluminum hat I guess.)

  2. right now there is more question than answers, but i DOUBT WE THE PUBLIC will ever know the REAL FACTS.
    i could be wrong, but don’t think so.
    my one big question is WHY SO MANY FIREARMS? especially if your going to TRY AND BUG OUT AFTER.

  3. Tin foil hat required for this comment.

    Someone put out, I believe a theory or at least an unnamed source, that this was a sting operation somehow gone bad. Paddock was set up by the CIA to catch ISIS buying weapons When it went sideways they scrambled, tried to create a plausible scenario, and had to take Paddock out to keep it from coming out.

    While this is way out there, even for an InfoWars, it would explain all the conflicting information being flung at the wall.

    This is hard to believe but if it turned out to be true, which we will never know, I would certainly believe our gov. is capable of this.

  4. Do we know that the deceased was actually Stephen Paddock? Photos show that he has a tattoo “13” on the front of his neck, but the deceased did not. Maybe Paddock did get away! Maybe he didn’t do any of the shooting? We don’t know anything for sure, because, for some reason, it took 70 minutes for the police to get to the room. Who do the security cameras show coming and going from the room? Also, who is responsible for turning off the lights at the concert grounds while EMTs were trying to help the injured? The shooting had already stopped.

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