Sessions Urges Civility In Farewell To Senate, Pledges Return To Rule Of Law

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Senator Jeff Sessions addresses his colleagues in the Senate, now becoming his former colleagues with his confirmation as Attorney General, telling them, “Serving in this body for twenty years has been one of the great honors of my life.”

Senator Sessions says he appreciates the full debate and thanks those who, after it all, found sufficient confidence in me to cast their vote to confirm me as the next Attorney General of the United States of America.”

He speaks with awe about both the opportunity and the responsibility that go along with the position he now holds. Sessions notes how both he and President Trump believe in the rule of law and he thanks the President for the nomination and his confidence in him. He cites the importance of protecting the American people from crime and violence as well as a lawful system of immigration, and notes that those are areas in which he will likely perform his duties.

Sessions remarks that he sees the office of Attorney General as primarily a law enforcement office, “first and foremost. People expect us to be those who defend us. Defend us from terrorists, defend us from criminals, defend the country from fraudsters who raid the United States Treasury time and time again and too often not being caught or held to account for it. I believe that’s a big responsibility of the United States Attorney General and this whole Department of Justice.”

He speaks with pride of his experience representing the United States as United States Attorney in Mobile Alabama. Likewise this new position offers even more of that same type of potential for pride in the work he does. Senator Sessions says, “This is a special honor. I feel it in my bones, I hope and pray I can be worthy of the trust you’ve given me. I’ll do my best to do that.”

Senator Sessions then asks to “comment a minute on the heated debate we’ve had here in the Senate on my nomination and others.” He suggests to his colleagues that they agree on what they can agree on and take action where they can agree on things. He warns, “denigrating people who disagree with us I think is not a healthy trend for our body. Sessions talks about a moment of reconciliation between him and Edward Kennedy, saying that it meant a lot to both of them.

He urges the Senators, with that as an example, to appreciate the value of reconciliation and incorporate it into their interactions, to “fight for our values and not give an inch. You don’t have to back down if you believe you’re right, and you should not back down. But there are ways that we can get along personally and I would say that would be my prayer for this body, that in the future maybe the intensity of the last few weeks would die down and maybe somehow we’d get along better.”

Sessions promises to do his best to be worthy of their support in meeting the challenges ahead and having an open door at the Department of Justice. He then thanked his family and submitted his letter of resignation from the Senate.

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