Is Sessions Uranium One Probe Focused On Crimes Of Mueller and Rosenstein?

AG Sessions recused himself from anything involving Clinton but made no such pledge for the crimes of her lackeys, Mueller and Rosenstein, who covered up Uranium One…

gregg jarrett sessions uranium one

There are a couple of interesting conclusions or at least the possible objective and outcome that can be inferred by the hopeless optimists, if any remain among us, from the comments of Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett. He points to current activity by the Sessions DOJ involving the leading players in the Russia, Russia, Russia, the Uranium One deal, and current and former members of the FBI and DOJ.

Hannity makes the point in his question that the Uranium One investigation is not something that Attorney General Sessions has recused himself on, a statement that may be technically correct while also being hopelessly restricted, as shown in the video of the Sessions Senate confirmation hearings.

In those hearings, Judiciary Committee chairman Senator Chuck Grassley specifically asked the nominee Sessions, if he intended to recuse himself from the Clinton email case and “any matters involving the Clinton Foundation, if there are any.”  Sessions replied, “Yes.”

The Clinton Foundation was the slush fund into which the bribes for Uranium One approval were allegedly funneled. Under the self-imposed shackles of recusal Sessions is now operating under, the Uranium One case and all other Clinton crimes would seem to be beyond his reach. She’s not the only bad apple in that barrel and it would be possible to apply some of the Mueller tactics of turning a key player to work against the Clinton cartel.

Jarrett points out that during the Sessions confirmation hearings, “Three times he promises to recuse himself from anything related to Hillary Clinton. That suggests to me that the Department of Justice is looking very closely at all of the aspects of that crooked Uranium One deal.”

He notes “It was corrupt, it was racketeering, bribery, extortion, kickbacks and so on. They’re looking at that and who covered it up by not telling Congress about it, which would have certainly killed the deal.”

So is Sessions investigating the activities and involvement of someone other than Hillary Clinton, who to him is untouchable, in the pursuit of potential legal action or the threat of potential legal action?

Jarrett continues, “Well, we know that Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew Weissmann were involved in the Uranium One deal and knowing about the illegality of it and didn’t tell Congress. And those three men are now presiding over the Trump – Russia case.”

So is Sessions looking to actually do something during his tenure as Attorney General in the pursuit of some of the big fish that are flapping around on all sides of him? Is he going to pursue Mueller, Rosenstein or Weissmann absent the inclusion of Clinton as a target and allow her to be called as a witness against the other three, effectively forcing the cockroach from under the refrigerator?

Will the information gathered simply be used as a tool to intimidate the Mueller witch hunters and force an end to their proceedings, allowing the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials to take advantage of the dual justice system for the elites and giving them what they were basically seeking by coming after President Trump in the first place?

It seems unlikely that they’ll be offered a deal, given the breadth of corruption and its involving the Obama regime unmasking and so many more crimes but that could be exactly why they would make such overtures. After all, it seemed unfathomable that the Sessions Justice Department would be protecting Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama as well as their operatives by obstructing every effort to gain information, as they do with great frequency.

It’s simply impossible, at this stage of the game, to predict what any of these players in this greatest crime in our nation’s history will do. Many of them are not who we think they are and their subversion seems to be far greater than we would have ever imagined.


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4 Comments on Is Sessions Uranium One Probe Focused On Crimes Of Mueller and Rosenstein?

  1. When Sessions was appointed AG I thought I was going to see the Clintons finally facing justice before I died and was planted in the ground.Now it appears I have a larger chance of seeing the second coming of Christ before the Clintons face any kind of justice what-so-ever. I believed in Sessions but now all I believe is the fact that Sessions is nothing but a pussy-whipped weakling when it comes to anything with the name Clinton attached to it.The facts and evidence is as plain as a nose on a face concerning all the laws the Clintons have broke so why in God’s name aren’t they in prison. We have people from Obama on down that have clearly committed treason against this country yet all of them are still running around and doing as they please. I’m just a few weeks away from turning 65 and it literally tears my heart apart to see what our country has become and not a damn thing is being done about those who are destroying this great country right before our eyes. Rick you know as well as I do that if you or I had done even just an inkling of what these people have done we’d be in prison for life. I have my own Ideas about what I’d like to do to these traitorous bastards but if I put it in print I’d more than likely end up in prison. I was depending on Jeff Sessions to take care of business but we see just how far that has gotten. It’s becoming clearer every day that Sessions scrawny ass needs to be kicked out of office and replaced by someone that has the “balls” to take down Obama,the Clintons and the turncoats in the FBI and the DOJ.

    • I agree on all points, William, and there’s a whole generation of mind-numb global citizens who just can’t wait to be led to their commie diversity utopia by them. As Hank Williams Jr. said, I’m a dinosaur, you are as well, and we should be damn glad about it. This country is on life support and the globalists have succeeded in not teaching what’s important to our youth and stressing the diversity – sensitivity crap to a generation of “entitled” future slaves. That is if we don’t bail them out of it first.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // November 4, 2017 at 12:17 pm // Reply

    If AG Sessions is not going to do anything, that will be a great disappointment, and miscarriage of Justice. I, like everyone else are waiting to see what happens.

  3. well.
    at that confirmation hearing Sessions should have NOT been APPROVED by saying what he would do in regards to Hillary beast or anyone or anything else.
    so unless he has something up his sleeve and is going at this in a ROUNDABOUT WAY? he should step down and allow Trump to appoint another AG WHO WILL PURSUE THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE AGAINST NOT ONLY CLINTON BUT NOW ROD ROSENSTEIN AND MUELLER AND OTHERS.

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