SESSIONS Set To Announce Beginning Of The END Of Illegal Alien DACA AMNESTY

jeff sessions

Tuesday will mark the beginning of the end of former pretend ‘president’ Hussein Obama’s illegal executive fiat declaration of amnesty for illegals who were brought here as part of an illegal family unit.

If they can claim in a convincing manner that they were brought into the US as a child, essentially a foreign born anchor baby, Hussein Obama and the anti-American Democrats gave them protection.

That protection will begin to evaporate as of eleven am Tuesday morning, if the message from Attorney General Jeff Sessions is as it is expected to be, an announcement of the end of the lawless DACA program. A six month window between the announcement and effective date is expected.

Hussein Obama created the program in 2012 through executive fiat, invalidating and modifying, unconstitutionally, immigration laws that were duly passed by the legislative branch.

It’s noteworthy that it will be AG Sessions making the announcement rather than President Trump. The administration is shifting the attention to the DOJ in an immigration law enforcement matter, as it should.

They’re also removing President Trump from the endless series of replays of a speech with the various criticisms the leftist love to attach. They’ll still call both President Trump and Attorney General Sessions bigots and racists, but the impact will likely be somewhat diminished.

DACA is an illegal declaration that is being challenged in court by an alliance of ten states with Texas in the lead position. Tuesday represents the deadline for the administration to act to repeal the illegal action prior to the states’ lawsuit being filed.

Currently 800,000 illegals are signed up and holding jobs that would otherwise have gone to an American or legal resident. That’s perfectly acceptable and if they would have gone to a white American, preferable to the Democrats opposing the roll back.

They also drive down wages for all Americans in the process of stealing those American jobs. It’s great for the crooked business owners and populations out to eliminate the “expensive” middle class and its workers. Not so good for the country.

Finally, AG Sessions is doing something in defense of the American people. Maybe he’ll get around to investigating Hillary Clinton for her laundry list of already documented crimes in the next few years.

Americans owe a thank you to the states involved. Were it not for them exerting pressure and establishing this deadline, this campaign promise that was supposed to have happened on day one would not be now being fulfilled, even at this late date.


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  1. Mr.Wells, thank you for all the endless time you spend to get the truth of what is going on with The U.S. Congress, and what President Trump is doing for the American people.

  2. Obama, Hillary, holder and susan rice need to be tried in a court of law, sentenced and jailed for treason and many other felonies committed in his two terms, two terms as a president for thugs,illegals and muslim islamist whom he shares that evil, being a muslim islamist himself..

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  4. Stella buchanan // September 5, 2017 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    I love ur work Rick. U tell us stuff we wouldn’t ordinarally know. Thank u!

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