Sessions Roars As Admin Finally Fights Back – Calls Out Democrat Lies, Innuendos, Leaks

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Senator Ron “Spit-Spray” Wyden (D-OR) took refuge in Oregon, where it rains a lot and people often don’t realize he is the cause of the soaking they’re receiving during conversations. On this day Attorney General Sessions was a safe distance away, leaving the only one’s truly being in danger of getting soaked as the photographers on the floor. Some jobs are worse than others.

Wyden begins his attack on the Attorney General with a sanctimonious thanking of the committee chairman for holding the hearing in the public setting, so that the American people would be able to see what was going on. The obstructionist Democrat hypocritically says, “I believe the American people have had it with stonewalling.” We’ve had it alright – though stonewalling isn’t even a consideration.

He then goes into a tantrum over the consequences of public hearings and the existence of executive privilege, as if his rant would somehow pressure AG Sessions to divulge secrets. If he were to do that, even inadvertently, Wyden and his pack of wild dogs would be all over him, relentlessly attacking from all angles. He’s a disingenuous Democrat, so he’ll make whatever baseless claims advance their anti-Trump agenda. Wyden goes on to describe Attorney General Sessions’ complying with legally mandated and prescribed protocols as being “Schhhtonewalling, an unfair depiction that Sessions immediately calls him on.

Wyden asks AG Sessions, supposedly based upon the testimony of liar and leaker James Comey, “Were you aware of any concerns at the FBI or elsewhere in government about your contacts with the Russians or any other matters relevant as to whether you should “schtep aschide” from the Russian inveschtigation?”

The Attorney General will get to his question shortly, but first there’s a need to correct the gross mischaracterization just spewed by this gross character, which he does in no uncertain terms. Considering the source of the questions, it’s understandable that the AG would have some difficulty understanding. Wyden repeated his question after Sessions finished taking him to the woodshed.

Wyden asked, “Mr. Comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn’t talk about them. What are they?” That hits a nerve with the AG, who responds with an angry, “Why don’t you tell me? There are none, Senator Wyden. There are none. I can tell you that for absolute certainty. This is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me and I don’t appreciate it. And I’ve tried to give my best and truthful answers to any committee I’ve appeared before.

The piece of liberal trash has one more trick up his sleeve, asking Sessions, “Why did you sign the letter recommending the firing of Director Comey when it violated your recusal.” Sessions replies with the obvious, “It did not violate my recusal…the letter that I signed represented my views that had been formulated for some time.”

Wyden then goes on to call Sessions a liar, saying that his answer didn’t “pass the smell test.” Sessions explains his letter was his own views. It’s too bad Wyden doesn’t like the smell but he might look a little closer for the source. He’s stinking things up pretty badly himself.

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