AG Sessions Considering Lie Detector Tests For Entire NSC Staff to Identify Leakers

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It’s amazing the level of clarity that being outside of government brings to one’s thought processes and how obvious necessary action is when one isn’t overwhelmed or compromised by the stench of the DC Swamp.

An idea that came to many outside of the administration long ago is now reportedly being discussed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that of giving lie detector tests to the  entire staff of the National Security Council (NSC) in order to track down and identify leakers.

Many of us thought that might be happening months ago, about the same time the announcement that three leakers had been identified and the information supposedly turned over to the Office of Government Ethics for action once President Trump returned from his first foreign trip.

Whether the report was inaccurate, the leaker too close personally to President Trump, or there is another reason, no disciplinary action took place. Neither did any mass polygraphs or interrogations that we would expect from a serious investigation.

Now the report is that AG Sessions may require every NSC staffer to submit to an interrogation specifically about the leaked transcripts of phone conversations between President Trump and world leaders. Why would they structure it so narrowly? “Have you ever leaked any information, what was it and to whom seems like the place such an investigation should start.

And don’t restrict it to just the NSC, though again, that’s surely fertile ground. Include the DOJ, FBI, State Department and Intelligence agencies. If you’re going to do the job, Mr. Attorney General, why not do it right?

You could also include officials from the Obama regime, such as Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton. If they want to continue to have the security clearances they feel “entitled to,” it seems like a fair request. If they’re willing to give up the clearances in order to avoid a polygraph it would be just another of the many indicators that we’ve got a problem.

Axios reports that the idea has been raised by Sessions with multiple people although it is unclear if it is anything more than small talk at this point. If he is seriously considering such a move, it’s something that should have happened months ago and should not be restricted to lower level officials. Put HR McMaster and Dina Habib Powell on the machine and let’s watch them blow that needle off the page.

Make sure, Mr. AG, that you inquire as to leaking information to Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin and include the Kushners in the pool of those interrogated. Unless it’s all just for show to shore up your nose-diving public image as a do-nothing enabler, do it, hook em up, do it now.


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6 Comments on AG Sessions Considering Lie Detector Tests For Entire NSC Staff to Identify Leakers

  1. Thomas A Oakley // September 11, 2017 at 9:08 pm // Reply

    I read in another post about those tests(?) being given to to people that applied for certain jobs…….it was posted each one costs 2,000 plus dollars. Wonder why? Do they not have some one they trust (sure they do) to give them? I am also sure that sessons knows who a lot of them are, starting with the other, so called top brass, in his department. Start with them and a good one would be the one that hired the so called special counsel. O yes lets us not forget the new head of the fbi and their top brass, just for starters. Of course sessons could give himself one……that would be very interesting I am sure.

  2. Tell me Sessions why are you finally going to work this into your schedule? This should have been done immediately and I believe you already have a list of those that are traitors to President Trump and his administration who should be thrown under the jail not just fired. Get on with it and stop twiddling your thumbs. We the people are tired of nothing being done.

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // September 11, 2017 at 10:28 am // Reply

    Boy, I’m with you on this one Rick…and sESSIONS, cover all the bases, especially the entire DOJ. I’d not mind getting rid of McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller. Hey, the entire NSC needs to go, and there’s even more…so hurry up, we’re ready to hear the results and watch the pink slips fly…DO IT

  4. What’s outlined in this article, the extent of questioning, is exactly what should and should have been done. It’s way past time the swamp started to be drained instead of filled.

  5. hell.

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