Sessions Leaves Durbin Wondering What Hit Him – It Was The Truth, Dick

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A highlight of Senator Jeff Sessions’ testimony during his confirmation hearings before his Senate colleagues was his reversal of the sanctimonious Senator Dick Durbin’s attempts to portray him as a heartless demagogue with an agenda. 

The ever-pandering anti-American blowhard from Illinois said in his comments that were ultimately part of his hybrid commentary/question. Clearly Durbin attempted to portray Senator Sessions in a negative light but what he actually did for those who are opposed to the scofflaw practices and corruption of the Democrat regime is to compile a list of reasons why Sessions is an excellent, principled choice for Attorney General.

For the sake of clarification, when Senator Durbin describes someone as being undocumented, he’s not describing someone without documents, he’s describing someone with documents from somewhere else, that isn’t using them because they’re squatting here, where they get lots of free stuff and can take American jobs.

Durbin noted that since joining the Senate in 1997, Senator Sessions has voted against every immigration bill that included a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Sessions described the “dream act” as “a reckless proposal for mass amnesty.” Durbin said, “You opposed the bi-partisan immigration reform bill which passed the Senate four years ago. You’ve objected to [illegals] volunteering to serve in our armed forces, saying, ‘In terms of who’s going most likely to be a spy, somebody from Coleman, Alabama or somebody from Kenya?'”

Durbin continued, “When I asked what you would do to address the almost 800,000 ‘dreamers,'” Durbin attempted to discredit Sessions by quoting him as saying, “I believe in following the law. There is too much focus on people who are here illegally and not enough on the law.” Spreading the pandering sanctimony on extra thickly, Durbin said, “Senator Sessions, there’s not a spot of evidence in your public career to suggest that as Attorney General you would use the authority of that office to resolve the challenges of our broken immigration system in a fair and humane manner. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Durbin gets his wish fulfilled immediately, with Senator Sessions saying, “Well, you are wrong, Senator Durbin. I’m going to follow the laws passed by Congress. As a matter of policy we disagreed on some of those issues. I do believe that if you continually go through a cycle of amnesty that you undermine the respect for the law and encourage more illegal immigration into America.”

He continues, “I believe the American people spoke clearly in this election. I believe they agreed with my basic view and I think it’s a good view, a decent view, a solid legal view for the United States of America that we create a lawful system of immigration that allows people to apply to this country. And if they’re accepted they get in, if they’re not accepted they don’t get in. And I believe that’s right and just and the American people are right to ask for it. We have not delivered that for them.

As a Democrat Durbin is used to picking which laws are valid based upon his own politics. This is a new concept for him, it’s going to take some time for him to fully comprehend what’s going on around him. There’s always the possibility that he never will.

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