Sessions Off To Good Start – Now Enforce Laws Against Employers – Fines, Jail = Jobs For Americans

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The situation in which rampant abuse of the Social Security numbers of American citizens by illegal aliens still exists and has not yet been addressed in one particular, important aspect by Attorney General Sessions. Hopefully it’s near the top of his “to do” list, and he’s getting close as it would be an easy way to make a major difference in the American economy and access of everyday Americans to the jobs that should rightfully go to them.

The key to correcting the injustice is in sanctions against American employers employing illegal aliens. As I outline in the video, an Inspector General for the Social Security administration recently did a test of two different groups of 100 employers, discovering significant violators, one that maintained an average of forty thousand illegal alien employees at all times, another that averaged 98 percent illegal aliens.

Penalties for employers convicted of these types of abuses can be quite hefty, with fines ranging as high as $21,563 per offense.  But that’s just the beginning, “If an employer knowingly hires ten or more illegal workers in one year they could be considered to be harboring them and subject to a ten year federal prison sentence. RICO exposure also exists for the larger companies.”

According to the Center For Immigration Studies, “The SSA’s IG, Patrick P. O’Carroll, Jr., decided to look at the 100 U.S. employers with the most SSN mismatches, as well as the 100 employers with the largest percentage of such mismatches on its payrolls.” The reminded us, “Bear in mind that the IG is only talking about two groups of 100 employers each. If there is an overlap it is not mentioned.”

IG O’Carroll determined that, “The 100 with the largest numbers of mismatches had, during the tax years 2007-2009, 2.3 million “wage items”, most of which meant a single suspect worker employed during a year by a given employer. That works out to about 800,000 probable illegal aliens on the payrolls of those 100 employers in each of those years. One would need to multiply that number several times over to get the total number of illegals working for firms who paid FICA taxes on such workers. The largest of these had 117,792 mismatches in a three-year period, or nearly 40,000 a year.”

Surrendering 800,000 American jobs to illegal alien foreigners, just in the figures from one test group, is inexcusable. Add to that the visa abuse and other areas in which employers hire non-citizen workers and we’ve got a very serious problem. Green card holders should be given second consideration to American workers. Illegals should be given a boot in their backside and sent back where they belong.

It’s a simple matter to fine and if possible, lock up in prison, a few of these outlaw employers and send a message to the rest of them that the days of exploiting American workers for personal gain are over. Attorney General Sessions is working on border security as a priority. This would eliminate much of the employment magnet by making it too costly, rather than cheaper, to hire illegal foreigners.

It would be very cost effective to implement. One meeting and the follow up procedural guidelines would be all it takes to start seeing the “Help Wanted – American Only” signs start going up all across the nation.

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5 Comments on Sessions Off To Good Start – Now Enforce Laws Against Employers – Fines, Jail = Jobs For Americans

  1. Kitty Corbett // April 13, 2017 at 9:29 pm // Reply

    I’ve often thought that not selling or renting to illegal aliens would be very helpful; also if they could not obtain mobile phones. President Trump could use the bully pulpit to encourage patriotic Americans to adopt these principles voluntarily, to get started without having to whip up Congress to adopt such laws.

  2. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // April 13, 2017 at 6:57 pm // Reply

    Good start BUT build that Dam WALL…I am reading the RINO’s are starting to buck against the $30 Billion is wasting money…Heck these Idiots we elect that are RUINING not running our country WASTE far more on Boondoggle CRAP….YEP it is still the same good ole Go along to GET along bunch of traitors.

  3. Implement E-verify nationwide! Fine AND jail anyone who knowingly employs an illegal alien or who rents or sells housing to anyone who has not been through the E-verify system. Anyone should have to prove citizenship (and also be drug-free) to receive any form of taxpayer-financed welfare assistance. Period. Do this and watch a lot of foreign nationals self-deport quickly if they can’t work and can’t rent. Enforcing E-verify IS the “deportation force” that will be most effective method to rapidly reduce the numbers.

  4. There went the fraudulent social security card printing business. Gee, more lost jobs.

  5. Fines don’t work .. but mandatory jail would do the trick. There isn’t a single employer in the U.S. who doesn’t know the law, so sock ’em in the slammer .. first offense.

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