SESSIONS Backing Off of RECUSAL – No Time For Dem Nonsense, He’s Got Real Work To Do

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Many of us were shouting at the screen when Attorney General Sessions gave in to the demands of the leftists and recused himself from what he described at the time as “any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.

Maybe he didn’t expect the Russia thing to go on forever, to be dragged out like everything else Jim Comey got his corrupt hands on, including the production of evidence, or a failure thereof for the Senate and  House intelligence committees in their simultaneous investigation of the same phantom incident. He couldn’t very well have them discover things that he was himself trying to keep hidden.

Sessions probably didn’t expect it to be used as a tool for the Democrats to neuter him, to broadly interpret his recusal to mean the most incidental applications to the narrow criteria he attempted to layout. He should have told them to get over it, that Eric Holder was involved with the Obama campaign and not a peep was uttered, including serving on his vice-presidential selection committee.

After all, Fast and Furious took place in 2009 thru 2010, but nobody suggested that the Attorney General who was ultimately held in contempt of Congress, Eric Holder recuse himself from any gun related issues. In fact he was very vocal in his condemnation of the Second Amendment and gun rights throughout his tenure with the Obama regime. Nobody even suggested that the gun grabbing Holder recuse himself as he took a high profile position against gun rights during the aftermath of the dubious Sandy Hook event.

But the leftists intend to hold General Sessions to his pledge and expand it as far as they can, for as long as they can. The fake news propagandists at CNN ask, “Why was he in the Oval Office on Monday of this week, counseling the President about Comey, who was heading up the Russia investigation?” Sarah Huckabee Sanders described it as the President hearing recommendations about Comey and then asking for them to be submitted in writing. The CNN hack claims, in essence, that because one of the many things Comey messed up was the never-ending Russia investigation, that Sessions should have been excluded from everything else.

It’s time the White House learned, these parasites only have as much power as they’re willing to give and quit giving it to them. Call off the recusal, Loretta Lynch never did it and she directly met with Clinton’s husband.  Quit playing into their hands and by their rules. Learn to say “No,” nice guys are easy marks.

They put what is obviously a radical, man-hating liberal freak, a so-called “ethics expert” who seems to have suffered some sort of trauma to her head, on screen so she can claim Sessions, “violated that public commitment when he made a recommendation to President Trump to fire Comey.” Good, tell the libtards you’ve changed your mind, Mr. AG, and get to work.

They quote Senator Al Franken as saying he was “deeply troubled,” an understatement if there ever was one, but were referring specifically to the break from his recusal. It’s still good, anything that tweaks that liberal menace is a bonus. The CNN reporter indicates, with concern in her overly dramatic voice, that AG Sessions is also involved in the search for a replacement for Comey. He should be, since whoever it is will be reporting to the Attorney General. What’s your point?.

The recusal was a stupid thing to do, Mr. AG, but we all make mistakes. Put it behind you, and behind us. Do your job and let the liberals bad mouth you to the little black hearts’ content. They’re going to do that regardless of any efforts you might make to appease them. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them. Don’t give an inch and take back the foot they’ve already misappropriated.

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