Sens Grassley, Graham FBI / DOJ Destroyed Evidence, Immunity Deals, Cover Up Continues

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It’s been clear since before his July 2016 announcement that Dirty Cop Comey was not giving his all or using logic in the handling of what has now been exposed as a complete con job perpetrated upon the American people.

The ultimate outcome of Clinton investigation, her escaping justice, was never in doubt. It was only the means by which it would be accomplished and through which the efforts of the agents would be thwarted.

According to heavily redacted transcripts the lawmakers obtained from the Office of the Special Counsel of their interviews with Comey’s staff, particularly his chief of staff, Jim Rybicki and principal deputy general counsel of national security and cyber law, Trisha Anderson, it is abundantly clear that the investigation was all theater put on to deceive the American people.

The Senators’ letter to Wray states that the transcript proves the draft copy of the Clinton exoneration letter was circulated before Clinton was even interviewed and long before the investigation had concluded. Sixteen other key witnesses, including Cheryl Mills, Bryan Pagliano, Heather Samuelson, Justin Cooper, and John Bentel, had likewise not yet been interviewed or fully investigated.

The decision was made to take actions that would preclude the honorable FBI agents working the case from interrupting or obstructing their corrupt leadership in their cover up of the criminal activities of the Clinton gang and themselves.

Having already laid the foundation for the imminent exoneration, Comey took steps that would guarantee no “good cop” would come along and mess things up. That’s when the “highly unusual” immunity deals started being offered.

The Grassley/Graham letter states the immunity deals “limited the FBI’s ability to review Clinton email archives from Platte River Networks that were created after June 1, 2014 and before February 1, 2015, and which had been sent or received from Secretary Clinton’s four email addresses during her tenure as Secretary of State.” Clearly this was a deliberate act taken to prevent the discovery of criminal activity.

They continued, “The limitations in the immunity agreements with Ms. Mills and Ms. Samuelson also kept the FBI from looking at emails after Secretary Clinton left office-the period in which communications regarding destruction or concealment of federal records would have most likely taken place.”

Grassley went on, “Even more unusual than agreeing to hamstring its own investigation, the FBI further agreed to ‘destroy any records which it retrieved that were not turned over to the investigative team and would destroy the laptops.’ [emphasis in original] The destruction of evidence was mandated by the FBI, who should have instead been reviewing it. That is at least obstruction of justice as well as the destruction of evidence and it’s being done through the filter of a supposedly lawful investigation.

Grassley’s letter offers his view that the redacting of the transcripts is intended to protect Comey from evidence showing his criminal involvement in improperly influencing the investigation.

There’s a showdown brewing between the Senators and the new establishment tool FBI Director, Christopher Wray as Grassley’s Judiciary Committee is now demanding the original draft of Comey’s exoneration letter that was circulated in the spring of 2016. He also wants all communications surrounding that letter and records turned over the special counsel regarding the Hatch Act investigation of Comey.

Earlier this week, the FBI, under Wray and AG Jeff Sessions, continued the Clinton cover up by refusing to turn over files on Clinton dues to what was laughably stated as a lack of public interest in the case. All of our national security secrets were an open book to the world in her pay to play schemes but our top law enforcement geniuses have determined we’ve got no interest.

I’ve already given my personal view that the guy responsible for that obvious abuse of power, David Hardy, should be fired and Attorney General Jeff Sessions investigated for his role in obstructing the investigation in order to protect Hillary Clinton. He should be leading the effort to bring her to justice. Did someone get to him or was he always dirty, a safety valve planted should the unlikely candidate Trump actually won?

It’s obvious even with the change in the characters playing many of the roles, the agenda is the same and the criminality remains unchanged. Protect the swamp creatures is the DOJ crusade, and our turncoat Attorney General is holding the shield.


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