Sen Wyden Makes Up His Own Fake “Facts,” Accuses Trump Of Things He Never Did, Said

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As the prelude and a means of enabling himself to take a position that in many ways contradicts many of his various previous ones, Senator Ron “Thuffering Thuckatash” Wyden (D-OR) told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that it was fair to say that he disagreed with Director Comey “as much as anyone in this room.” That’s all he had to say, he’d given himself the hypocrisy green light. He was then free to criticize others, namely President Trump, for doing what needed to be done in eliminating the Democrat operative and obstructionist, James Comey.

He duplicitously said, “The timing of this firing is wrong to anyone with a semblance of ethics [eliminates Wyden]. Director Comey should be here this morning testifying to the American people about where the investigation he’s been running stands.” It’s not an investigation, Senator, it’s a Democrat witch hunt, a spectacle intended to distract and force the false issue of an “investigation into nothing” in order to prevent a real “investigation into something,” the Clinton crimes and those of her fellow Democrats. To say that Comey is running an investigation is to distort the English language. He was slow-walking it, crawling it, knowing that it leads nowhere as far as Trump culpability while distracting and avoiding the certainty of Clinton and Obama convictions and prison time if they are allowed to face justice.

Wyden plays himself up as some great prophet who predicted that if the Comey information about the Russia “investigation” didn’t come out before inauguration day it might never come out, as if that prediction had come true. Let’s look at it another way, Wyden, if the moon isn’t proven to be made of Swiss Cheese before inauguration day, we fear it will never be proven. You’re just a political hack, not a psychic and there is, as you well know, no information. It’s all a stage presentation with some really bad actors.

Wyden proves he’s not only a horrible actor and an even worse speaker, but a lousy, despicable liar as well. He told those gathered, “With all the recent talk in recent weeks [all by despicable Democrats and RINOs] about whether there is evidence of collusion, I fear some colleagues have forgotten that Donald Trump urged the Russians to hack his opponents. He also said repeatedly that he loved WikiLeaks.”

Since Wyden is “honesty impaired,” it bears pointing out that then-candidate Trump actually said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the thirty thousand emails that are missing [supposedly non-classified yoga and wedding stuff]. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” That’s not a call to hack because they were already deleted, scrubbed from her computer and bleach-bitted into oblivion in the cover up.

For that matter, the Russians probably already had them, along with every other nation who wanted them, as part of the mass transfer of documents from her unprotected bootleg server. Trump did not, as the lying Senator from Oregon accuses, urge the Russians to hack Clinton or to do anything they hadn’t already been allowed  to do through exploiting the reckless stupidity and corruption of the Democrat former Secretary of State and candidate for president as well as those she surrounded herself with.

Having established that foundation of lies, Wyden asserts, “So the question is not whether Donald Trump actively encouraged the Russians and WikiLeaks to attack our democracy, he did. That is an established fact. The only question is whether he or someone associated with him coordinated with the Russians.”

That’s not the question at all, Wyden. The question is why haven’t Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama been prosecuted and what role are you and your fellow Democrats playing in obstructing justice. And don’t forget to wipe the table before you leave, it’s covered in spit.

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