Sen Warren Cheerleads To A Handful Of “Protesting Parrots” Against Fighting Terror

elizabeth warren


Democrats have an inherent need to include mindless repetition and chanting as part of their mind control over those who are ignorant enough to buy into their false claims and help them advance their agenda. In this instance, pretend Indian and financial ethics hypocrite Senator Elizabeth Warren made a trip to Logan Airport in Boston to protest efforts by the Trump administration to defeat terrorism by not allowing the terrorists in.

She needs to have a signal to the mindless parrots, as it appears as she was attempting to deliver part of her rant and they didn’t realize they were just supposed to be listening. As Warren says, “We have all heard about this executive order that President Trump has given, and takes a breath to spew her next line of crap, they repeat it back to her. Maybe a little enhanced re-education is called for.

Rather than make an issue of it, she just continues with the echo chamber, laughing as she does, perhaps at their stupidity. Warren follows their preferred mimicking format, saying, “It is illegal, it is unconstitutional, and it will be overturned,” all of which are typical Democrat lies. They prefer lies over the truth, as they can tailor the content to suit their needs and their constituents couldn’t care less.

She continues, saying, “An attack on anyone for their religious beliefs is an attack on the very foundation of democracy.” Unless they’re Christians or Americans being shot, blown up or knifed by an Islamic terrorist, then they’re the isolated act of a non-affiliated individual who happens to be Muslim by the oddest of circumstances. The commies always refer to America as a democracy, to train the stupid people into believing we don’t have a republic but democratic mob rule.

Warren delivers the standard distortions of who the terrorists are and the purpose of the ban, stating, “We will not turn away children, we will not turn away families, we will not turn away people who try to help Americans, we will not turn away anyone because of their religion.” What about terrorist age single males, would they be allowed to be denied? Why can’t we turn away someone because of their religion, Warren, when that Constitution that you claim to care about is seen by Islamists as being secondary to their Sharia law? That makes them a subversive with no place in this country. They should all be turned away or at a minimum made to swear an oath to the Constitution as specifically superior to their Sharia practices in their home country. Warren doesn’t address those legitimate issues. She’s busy pandering and questions like that don’t advance her cause.

She claims the moral high ground, as her fellow Alinsky follower Obama often did when promoting his illegal or wrongheaded acts, “We are a better people than that.” They pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, exactly what Obama promised to do twice with France after these same types of people killed hundreds of their citizens.

That’s a great idea, Warren has. Obstruct real action and put her support behind fake and empty promises. That’s what makes her Democrat leadership material. That and the accompanying loyalty to Party over country, to financier over citizens, to career over obligation and this time around, to terrorists and their sympathizers over the American citizens.

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