Sen Tillis Holding DHS, America Hostage To Import Replacement Workers

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From the perspective of a predatory business who couldn’t care less about the American people or the wellbeing of our nation, what could be better than a workforce of low wage slaves who can’t complain or quit?

Those exploitative employers are exactly the folks the B-2B visa were designed for. Foreign workers get work permits for up to three years at low wages and must remain with their initial employer or face deportation. That makes them quite desirable over higher wage, hard to abuse, American workers.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) is representing the slave masters over the American people whose jobs the slaves take by issuing a  hold on the appointment of a key DHS official in order to force the DHS Secretary Kelly to trade H-2B visas for approval.

President Trump nominated Lee Francis Cissna as the director of the DHS’s critical U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. That agency has oversight and control of the screening of arrivals and immigrants that is vital to preventing terrorist attacks on our soil.

Tillis is attempting to extort the American job killing Visas from DHS in exchange for allowing the terrorism screener to take his position. There’s obviously some terrorism in Senator Tillis’ DNA as well. Senator Tillis and other Senators dependent upon establishment money for their careers, argue that their states’ summertime resort, seafood and landscaping industries are struggling to find American workers and need the foreign labor to survive.

They don’t mention the low, middle class destructive wages they offer due to the competition from foreign imported labor or the fact that many prefer foreigners because they can be mistreated or abused without the concern of them retaliating or moving to a better environment. They’re indentured servants for three years.

When Tillis was young those jobs were done by Americans, many of them students. They were called summer jobs and were still relatively low wage. Now they go to foreigners, at his insistence. A spokesman for Tillis, Daniel Keylin, said, “The hold is in place while these concerns are being addressed with DHS.”

That translates to the hold is in place until Kelly buckles to pressure. The Washington Times reports:

“H-2B visas are supposed to be for seasonal non-agricultural work, and current law sets an annual cap of 66,000, with half awarded for winter industries and half for summer jobs. Congress often increases the cap but this year did something unusual: Lawmakers in May gave Mr. Kelly the power to make the decision, allowing him to add perhaps 70,000 more visas for the summertime season.

The former Marine general said he was inundated with lawmakers from both sides of the issue and that he wished Congress had decided. In lieu of that, he worked with the Labor Department to study industry needs. He has promised a decision this month.

In late June, David Lapan, a spokesman for Mr. Kelly, said the secretary decided he would offer some additional visas, though the timing and number were still being worked out.

Rosemary Jenks, government relations director at Numbers USA, which lobbies for stricter immigration limits, said Mr. Tillis‘ hold was a slap at Mr. Trump’s agenda.

‘President Trump won the election on a message of ending the practice of using immigration to harm American workers. I find it amazing that a few short months later, a United States senator — a Republican no less — is preventing a vote on a presidential appointee in order to extort extra visas for low-skilled foreign workers on behalf of the cheap labor lobby,” she said. “Sen. Tillis should be ashamed.’”

Tillis is just doing his job, representing the fat cats, harming America and Americans on behalf of the people that bribe him with campaign money and keep him in office. Tillis doesn’t represent America or  the American people, he only uses them to get his important job. He’s the enemy of the America first Trump agenda, the American worker and the American middle class.

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  1. Rick, see if you can get Tucker’s or Hannity’s ear on this!

  2. James Saxon // July 13, 2017 at 9:37 am // Reply

    American high school and college students would rather go to summer school than bus tables for $10 an hour. Meanwhile, restaurants and other businesses at seasonal destinations don’t have sufficient personnel to run a business that requires seasonal workers.


  4. Tillis needs to go!!!

  5. As long as we keep paying the lazy and self indulged higher incomes for not working, most unskilled workers will continue to sit on their duffs, smoke dope, and riot, rather than work. After all if they worked for a living they might not be able to ride an Escalade.

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